Word Files Editor, a Microsoft Word alternative, is today's myAppFree deal

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Word Files Editor has the ability to insert tables, images and hyperlinks, support for searching within documents, and more. The app regularly costs $9.99, but through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick up Word Files Editor for free during the next 24 hours.

If you are io the hunt for an alternative to Microsoft Word, now is an opportune time to give Word Files Editor a try.

The layout for Word Files Editor offers a relatively clean appearance that includes a drop-down menu nestled in the upper-left corner of the display and document tabs running across the top. Key features for this Windows 10 app include:

  • Support for .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .html and .xml file formats.
  • Support for sharing documents.
  • Text formatting options for font style, size, and color, italics, strikeout, underline, bulleted, numbered list and alignment.
  • Ability to insert tables, pictures and hyperlinks.
  • Support for Ink Tool to add notes to documents and share created images.
  • Support for Windows Hello to protect your personal information within the app.

Word Files Editor also has Cortana support to manage the application using voice commands, such as opening a document, sharing a document and more. The app does not require a data connection or Microsoft Office to be installed.

In using Word Files Editor for a short time, it comes across as a simpler alternative to Word that doesn't sacrifice features. Word Files Editor is an option worth considering, and with the help of myAppFree it's an easy way to try things out and save a few bucks.

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  • Anybody else having problems downloading this app from store?
  • Yes, same here.
  • Both are having problems for me, they've been stuck on starting download for several minutes.
    Update: I left them running in the background and wend back after abt 20 min and they had both downloaded.
  • No download it...
  • There is a permanent banner visible in the screenshots for their other app, which isn't free. That makes this "deal" ad-supported and not truly free. Kinda low to abuse MyAppFree for this practise.
  • Why not just use the UWP version of word?
  • wish they had UWP Word app for desktop
  • Is it any better than Word Mobile?
  • Seems to have a permanent ad banner for their Excel equivalent jammed down the bottom on the desktop, it's quite obtrusive and annoying. Doesn't compete well with LibreOffice I can assure you. Doesn't seem to be better than Microsoft's own store app 'lite' version of Office either, so I'll not bother trying it on mobile. Might be good on mobile if they can beat the feature set of the MS mobile app for people who don't have an Office subscription and are just using the limited version. And if they get rid of that advert which would be an even bigger killer on mobile. They have a way to go though, and a huge mountain to climb on the desktop. Good luck devs, I'll check back in when you've had some time with this one.
  • The ad is distracting because it's noticeably big for an ad banner. The ad also claims the Excel editor is free which is false.