World of Warships brings the battle to the Microsoft Store in early access

Available in early access, free-to-play naval combat MMO World of Warships has hit the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). The game's Windows Store launch comes just a day after it also arrived on Steam, and two years after it first launched in 2015.

World of Warships offers an MMO experience in which you can take part in naval combat with other players from around the world. You can put together a custom fleet of ships, ranging from destroyers and cruisers to carriers. In addition to random player versus player skirmishes, World of Warships also promises player versus environment scenarios.

Of course, this being a free-to-play title, there a fair number of in-game purchases as well, ranging from new ships, customizations, and more. Of course, things can get pretty expensive fast. Still, if you're down for giving what's available for free a shot, you can grab World of Warships now from the Microsoft Store to get started.

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  • Was a beta tester for this, great game, as is World of Tanks.
  • Well done World of Warships!
    I've been playing since it was released. It's a must for arm chair Admirals. The Co-Op battles are a good way for new players to get into the game and learn your style of play. Then when you are ready dive into the all "human" random battles and missions for all out warfare.
  • This is great. The Store needs more titles like this.
  • if anyone is interested, they can use this link: will give out some goodied including a Tier 6 USS Texas Premium Battleship