Worldwide Browser Stats - WinMo Making Headway?

There's an incredible amount of crunchy, mobile browser goodness to be found in this AdMob PDF [via]. They've taken statistics for all of the ads they've served worldwide to mobile browsers for July 2008 and compiled them up for us to gobble down.

Interesting stuff abounds: Indonesia's mobile browser usage growth was literally off the charts last month. Nokia's still way WAY far ahead whether you're looking at dumbphones or smartphones. The PalmOS has a browser and it gets used (who knew?). RIM's been making big gains with web browsing. For all the noise and bluster about off-the-charts iPhone browser usage, it still clocks in with less than 1/3 of Windows Mobile's usage. Of those WinMo players, HTC leads with a commanding 47%, followed up by Samsung, HP, and Motorola. We could go on.

Alright, we will: add up all the smartphone makers (except Nokia) and you're still only looking at five percent of the worldwide browser share. So there's plenty of room for all of this to change -- especially because it looks like the worldwide number two mobile browser right now is Openwave, the RAZR's browser. That's the competition. The mind reels.

WC Staff