AVG Technologies updates Family Safety web browser for Windows Phone 8

Popular security provider AVG has announced and released an update for its Family Safety app, which now supports Windows Phone 8. If you've not already used the app before, it's been available on Windows Phone 7 since last year, providing a protective solution for those who have children surfing the web on mobile devices. It's a free app that acts as a web browser, blocking known threats using the AVG Linkscanner technology. Anything relating to violence, drugs, weapons, pornography and more is blocked.

Since Microsoft has launched Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8, AVG has taken the opportunity to fine-tune its offering for use in the child-friendly zone. The AVG Family Safety browser can be added by parents to the Kid's Corner, opening up a safer environment for the little ones to browse. Building off its Windows Phone 7.5 app, AVG has added numerous new features. Those who already have an AVG Family Safety account and use the PC suite (found on the AVG website) can customise the app by:

  • Easily managing the list of allowed and blocked sites
  • Monitoring the online activity of the different users and devices
  • Blocking social networks and other sites (per individual login for each child)

It's a highly rated app and we can certainly see how the protection can be utilised by parents for peace of mind. The ability to expand the functionality beyond the Windows Phone by loading up the Family Safety suite on the PC is a nice touch. Monitoring exactly what children get up to on the web is another way of keeping them safe by blocking suspicious websites and / or known threats. Unfortunately the browser is limited to only featuring favourites and history, you'll find no tabs support here.

The security provider came under fire when it launched its scanning suite for Windows Phone back in 2011, but thankfully this app is more useful and actually helps protect consumers.

You can download AVG Family Safety 8 from the Windows Phone store. Thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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