Re-live Window's 95 game, Hover!, in your favorite browser

If you thought re-living the excitement of Microsoft’s Windows 95 game, Hover! would require a time machine – you are wrong. The famous game of the 1990s is now available to play directly in your web browser as a promotion for Internet Explorer.

Hover! was originally included with all Windows 95 installation disks. The objective of the game is to capture more flags than your artificial done opponents. The player can collect a variety of powers including the ability to jump, spawn walls, or cloak pod.

If you want to have some fun with a blast to the past, you can download Hover! by clicking here. The game has been optimized and designed specifically for Internet Explorer, but does work perfectly within Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

What are your favorite games from previous versions of Windows? My favorite game continues to be 3D Pinball – Space Cadet, which was originally included in Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95.

Source: ABC News

Michael Archambault