WP7 before breakfast: Omnia 7 breaks cover, new Zune desktop software

We're just a couple of hours away from the official launch of Windows Phone 7 -- and you will be joining us for the liveblog -- but that doesn't mean there's not already a bit of news about.

First up is the Samsung Omnia 7, which broke its cover on a Russian Sammy site before pulling its head back its shell. We've seen it before, but there it is, folks, in its officially rendered glory.

Then there's an update to the Zune desktop software, which you're going to need to rock a Windows Phone. (And besides that, it's just a killer multimedia contest system.) [Samsung (opens in new tab) via Slashgear]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Well, what can I say ....Im loving it....I cant wait to see some actual live pics
  • Along with the page redesign, you guys got faster with the news...Im liking the new you already....
  • This Samsung looks good but man, only 8GB? Also, I can't seem to get the site to work right under IE8, right now I have to use Opera to post since I can't see the "Post" button under IE8.