A few sites have sprung up of late offering an easy web-view of the Windows Phone Marketplace. Such was the case with MarketplaceBrowser, which indexed and gave quick links to all the software in the app store.

Now a new one has launched called WP7AppList and it looks to be a little more full featured as it includes price-drops and interesting stats e.g. who knew that 29% of the apps for WP7 are free and that the average price is $1.51? As interesting, an average of 49 apps are added each day. Cool.

The site designer's choice to use a Apple Cover Floweque design is a bit humorous and it's a bit garish at times. However,  we suppose using the site to check for daily price drops or new apps would be a good use, so take it for a spin.

And Microsoft, you should really get in on this web thing for the store soon. Try the site here.