Wireless Power Consortium announces new magnetic, backwards compatible wireless charging system at CES

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a collaborative effort of more than 180 companies, is the brand behind the Qi wireless charging standard we've enjoyed on Nokia Lumia Windows Phones since the Lumia 920. Today, the consortium announced a new resonant wireless charging system, which will be demonstrated this week at CES.

According to a press release published today, the new extension will allow further "device placement freedom, multi-device charging and higher efficiency" too boot. The best part about this advancement is that it's completely backwards compatible, meaning you won't have to head to your local store to pick up a new smartphone (unless you wish to take advantage of new features and innovation).

This resonant extension will enable charging with higher efficiency and lower radio frequency interference than typical solutions we have available today. In addition to this, you'll be able to charge multiple devices and at longer distances, all while being compatible with current hardware today (including our beloved Windows Phones).

While wireless charging eliminates the requirement to hunt for the USB charging cable, make sure it's the right way up and then insert the cable into a smartphone, consumers have still had to make sure their devices are sat properly on Qi chargers stations. With this new advancement, there's more room to wiggle and WPC will provide more flexibility when integrating Qi in cars, furniture, chargers and general accessories.


John Perzow, Vice President of Market Development for the Wireless Power Consortium, had the following to add to the announcement:

"​Qi is the leading global wireless charging standard because its 190-plus member companies thrive in the WPC’s competitive-and-collaborative environment and are constantly innovating to produce the best wireless charging experience. The WPC has created a standard that ensures safety and compatibility and frees OEMs to differentiate. That’s why Qi is used in more phones, tablets, cars, and products than any other wireless charging solution."

We can't disagree with the above quote, especially when looking at the Windows Phone ecosystem, which is largely dominated by Qi (AT&T is attempting to shake things up with competitor PMA).

Keep an eye out for more details are we cover the remaining days of CES, we'll pop along to the WPC booth to see if we can dig up some juicy bits and pieces for you all.

Source: WPC

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I thought wpc was Windows Phone Central. Lol
  • Ditto
  • I'm glad it wasn't just me!
  • Same here...
  • Me too
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • Yeah when I saw the headline my first thought was is Windows Phone Central moving into hardware.
  • Yeah. I was going to say the same thing when I saw this. Haha
  • My mind is wired to associating WPC with Windows Phone Central
  • ditto, wpc= windows phone central, now we know another abbrevations.. lolzzz
  • ATT with their PMA can go screw themselves. And Nokia should stop allowing those pricks to ruin WP devices by removing Qi compatibility.  
  • The carriers enslave then. But apple can do whatever they want. :-/
  • This annoys me about AT&T. I hope PMA crashes and burns do spectacularly that everyone involved in the decision to exclude Qi devices ends up getting fired.
  • I use to be a fan of AT&T, but all they have done in the past year or two is piss me off. The last straw was when they gutted the 1520.
  • Amen
  • It's not just Americans this effects either, international devices now require an awful QI case for QI charging, unlike old models which had it built in and you could use any case you wanted!   ATT, go F*** yourself.
  • It's a shame Duracell decided to ruin wireless charging by introducing a competing incompatible standard. What could have been a great thing is now just a patent licensing war. Shameful.
  • To be fair, Duracell with its PMA was on the phone market before Qi.
  • To be fair, Nokia's customer's who for the past year have been sold a complete product line of Qi enabled phones and Qi enabled accessories really don't care who was first. AT&T should be a ashamed of themselves.  They are a network not a hardware manufacturer.  It should be none of their business.  It would be like my internet provider telling Microsoft they can't sell a stylus with a Surface Pro. It would be one thing if PMA was offering anything anywhere close to the same level as Nokia, but no they aren't.  They just decided to purposedly screw over Nokia customers. If this resonance tech is the same stuff I saw demoed at last CES then it's pretty freakin good....   And it's backwards compatable to Qi?  That's value.  Meanwhile what does Durecell offer?  A Powermat?
  • Darn stragiht.  Preach on!!!! Now where's the Nokia 929/Icon so I can switch to Verizon (and take my QI charging plates with me).
  • I think putting the appropriate charging  back onto a phone is a reasonable alternative to building it in. I hope the 1520 gets a Qi back that works. I wouldn't mind getting a different case with the charging shell built in given the improvement in Qi charging promised in the article. (I wish there was a touchstone option for the 1020, then I could keep using my Pre car holder/charger....If PMA is better, just get a PMA cover...the more choices the better)
  • I would be fine with a back plate if it didn't add  bulk to your phone.....  The 1520 is already bulky enough I don't want to add any more to it.  International version is the same size and includes Qi charging. Nokia already has a slew of accessories for Qi charging.  There is no way that PMA will be "better" for Nokia customers anytime in the near future.
  • I read as Windows Phone Central and thought "dang, they're really expanding" lol
  • Is Lumia black going to be released for all lumia's? Specifically the Lumia 822?
  • Wrong article :p
  • I didn't even know that an 822 existed?
  • Really? It was the best selling WP in the US for most of 2013.
  • US =/= World .. he is obviously from outside the US.
  • I think the 822 is a carrier varient? I've never heard of it either (from the UK). On a related note, how do carriers in the USA get phone models designed the just for themt? It certianly doesn't work like that where I am from.
  • It's "awaiting approval" by Verizon right now.
  • Sadly because att removed qi I never bought the 1520, instead I'm holding out until new phones come out with 8.1, plus I said go bye to att and went to mobile, of course now I have to suffer from poor reception on some areas.
  • Have you thought about trying Verizon?
    They support Qi, and (in my area anyway) they have better reception that AT&T.
  • (and is more expensive)
  • Sadly Verizon will not do it for me as I travel a lot. And yes att are crazy expensive for no reason.
  • aio wireless: Tmo pricing on AT&T's network. Best of both.
  • My problem with Verizon is not the cost, but the fact that they make Nokia turn every sleek device into a boring, hard edged black square. They completely ruin all the design flair that is a lot of the point of a nice Nokia phone.
  • Sounds like you're not very good at making good decisions... I'm loving my 1520 on at&t, and although I miss wireless charging, I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.. And, the 16gb of storage is a pain for now, but I have a 64gb card on its way from Amazon, which will give me a total of 80gb... So, enjoying this 1520 now, and all that it has to offer, was the best decision that I'VE ever made... Lol❕ ;-)
  • So does this mean we'll be able to pick up a new charger that lets us charge our existing phones without having to position them exactly right?  Or does that fall under "take advantage of new features and innovation"?  The whole backware compatibility angle is REALLY unclear in this article. For example, let's say I shell out for a new charger.  If I use my existing phone with this new charger, I still have to position the phone exactly right - but it works, so this satisfies the "backward compatible" claim.  But if I get a new phone, I won't have to pay as much attention to exact placement on the charger.  Is that how it is?
  • No.
  • So what is "unless you wish to take advantage of new features and innovation" referring to then?
  • Think it referring to new smartphones and there enhancements in general.
  • Yes❕ he's on point.
  • You got it, buba❕
  • Damn ATT... They had their stupid PMA display set up at a store in Austin
  • I'm with you. Att knows how to destroy customer happiness for sure.
  • "Too boot"? Did you mean to boot ?
  • No, he meant what he said, Mr. spellie pants.. LOL❕
  • Love Love Love my wireless charging.  50% of the reason I bought my WP!  
  • In all honesty 1520 will be dated within 1.5years so I'm in no hurry to throw my money away. And no pen input on a massive devise is just stupid. So no I'm not bad at making decisions, I'm just sticking to my personal needs.
  • Does WP even have pen support? Might want to think about that before just calling something stupid.
  • Lol, I keep on reading WPC as Windows Phone Central! At leasr theres a strong recall, WPC -Windows Phone Central! HA!
  • Its common sense for a tablet like phone to have pen support, and perhaps you should read up as well.
  • I have been reading most WP Central posts, but haven't read or seen any follow-up on the CES news and demos of this technology. Is it still coming?
  • Me too! +1