WPCentral events forum for CES 2012 is now Live

We will have all the CES 2012 breaking news on the Main Blog (see all articles here) as we are expecting big news in the next few days. Our own Daniel Rubino from WPC and the Mobile Nations crew will have the event covered from all angles.

We here at WPCentral are expecting big announcements from Nokia (Lumia 900 "ACE") and perhaps some other surprises. Rumors are flying around about news from Microsoft and maybe a new device from Sony (but very doubtful). We know there will be a lot to talk about which is why we have added a new forum for just this purpose. 

Once you have the big news from the Main Blog, come join us in the WPCentral's Forums CES 2012 Events area for all the in depth discussions where you can talk about the new announcements, rumors and expectations. You have to be a member to post so get registered today.

Dave Blake