While we took a look at Browser Plus a few weeks ago, the add-on to Mobile Internet Explorer that gave us tabbed browsing, a new contender has come forth to offer some similar and unique features.

Browse On goes for $0.99 in the Marketplace and it's biggest selling point would be the ability to open a new Tab in Landscape and type in the web address directly. That's because in normal Mobile IE and Browser Plus, the address bar is not available in Landscape, requiring you to switch orientation, type, then switch back. The second selling point is the full screen mode in Portrait. This feature auto-hides the address bar in the default orientation, give you more browsing space.

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Overall, the look and speed of the app is great and while it lacks "incognito" and "reader" modes like Browser Plus, the full screen emphasis and better landscape browsing make it a worthy app. No trial mode is available.

Find it here (opens Zune desktop).

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