Wrapping up recent Windows Central contest winners: Gears of War and Sunshine!

We've got a couple of recent contest winners outstanding to announce before we get in and set up some new, very awesome contests later this week. Our final winners from the Gamescom week giveaways and the winner of our GoPro prized, sunshine themed photo contest.

So, strap in, here's who won what!

Gamescom Day 4 - Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Xbox One

The two winners of a copy of the game (once released) are:

hamburg82 and XSilverlink

Congratulations! Someone will be in touch soon to arrange your prizes!

Photo contest: Sunshine

As ever, picking a winner from our photo contests was tough, but the winner of a GoPro Hero is this entry from forums member:


This stunning shot captures the theme beautifully and what's even more amazing is that it was shot using a Lumia 520.

"I came across this beautiful scene while riding my bike on the Mecsek hills in Pécs, Hungary. I usually use my dslr to take pictures, but while riding I don't like carrying around a lot of heavy lenses, so in these cases I just take my phone with me. It was taken with a Lumia 520. Sure, it's a low-end device with a low-end camera, but the Lumia camera app gave me just enough manual control over the exposure to capture this beautiful sunlight coming through the winter fog in the afternoon."

Just goes to show that even the lower-end Lumia's can still take good photos in the right hands. Congrats!

Stay tuned to Windows Central as we've got a brand new photo contest to announce with another great prize, as well as a very special Xbox One themed giveaway. You really don't want to miss either!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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