Wunderlist gets updated with push notifications, Snap support and more

Wunderlist is the popular task management app available for both Windows and Windows Phone. The app has received yet another sizeable update, just weeks after the company refreshed its Windows solutions.

Here's a neat feature list showing what's new in the Windows and Windows Phone ( versions:

  • It's now easier to use Wunderlist right along side your other apps, with Snap view support in our Windows 8.1 app.
  • We've made keeping your life in sync more seamless by adding full push notification support so you'll never miss a beat.
  • If you're not a fan of typing passwords, you can now sign in to you Wunderlist account using your Facebook and Google profiles.
  • And to top things off, we've squashed a whole equatorial-jungle full of small bugs to make your Wunderlist apps run more smoothly.

We took the above straight from the stores, so be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new features in the comments.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice ;)
  • Awesome!
  • Oh! An Ativ S :)
  • We want snap feature in windows phone...
  • So ask for Microsoft and not Wunderlist. ;)
  • "We" who?
  • I actually think we will have some form of snap mode in threshold.
  • I don't think it'll happen. If you remember when Windows 8 came out, the screen had to be a certain resolution before it supported Metro or the Start Menu. I really noticed because it meant I couldn't use Windows 8 on my HTPC with the TV I was using at the time (hence still using Windows 7, not ideal for a HTPC). I think resolution and screen size in Threshold will be one thing that dictates how the OS behaves in any given environment.
  • A lot of devices have that resolution or more.
  • Thinking exactly that, good to see other people excited for it here. I'm sure it'll be coming in Threshold. Can't wait for that and that's one of many reasons I could never get an iPhone or Android, MS have been a bit slow but the future with them looks much more interesting than with the competition.
  • Great... However still waiting for the outlook connection
  • Nothing yet here. The Store shows that don't have update.
  • Change region to UK on your phone and it's there. And is this for 8.1 or for 8 also, cuz I can't install on my Ativ S (WP8 GDR3).
  • I mean, the Windows Store...  
  • Same here (Brazilian store), no updates available :(
    Push notifications is the _one_ feature keeping me from using it
  • I'm from Brazil too but I use the USA region....
  • Amazing team.
    Great updates!
  • What does this do that OneNote or Evernote don't and will they ever create a Live Tile that makes Wunderlist worthy of WIndows Phone?
  • Well for one you can get notifications on your to do list, something OneNote and evernote dont do. Those apps are for notes and have some task taking abilities but its not a full out to do list. Wunderlist provides reminders and you can tag your tasks in different ways to make them searchable by categories and the like. Its a great app and isn't meant to replace a OneNote or evernote.
  • OneNote on wp8.1 it's half baked. Can't add section and no reminder support. Same goes for evernote that is not accessible offline, no collaboration and reminder function too
  • Now we need adjustable font sizes :) ATIV S with 8.1 latest, installs no problems.
  • Would love to see Snap view come to the 1520! A phone that big needs something to separate it from 'normal' sized ones.
  • Unless the 1520 can show two apps running at the same time...
  • Hopefully once we get Threshold that and other features from "big" RT Windows will come to our phones. Right now I've a 925 and always thought the 1520 too big but when I look to the future it makes sense to get a bigger phone. May wait for a 1530 though...
  • Is live tile available?
  • Only on custom lists. Not for Smart Lists, like Today, Week, All or Starred. I created two lists; Personal & Business, and pinned both to WP and W8x devices. Sync is flawless. Don't need to launch the app for tiles to update. Looking forward to Smart List tiles though.
  • Oh that's nice. I'll try it! Thanks for the info!!
  • Yup, true. Su that on twitter this morning
  • Best app of 2014 nominee.
  • Might be a stupid question but I am gonna ask it anyway: What is the snap-function?
  • It's like iPhone Bend but without the patent lawyers.