German-based company 6Wunderkinder, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, have just launched a Windows 10 beta version of their popular "to-do" list app Wunderlist in the Windows Store.

The version notes for the beta include what's new in the Windows 10 version of the app:

New: We are previewing a brand new look for Wunderlist. What does that mean for you? Well, on Wunderlist for Windows 10 your to-dos will be easier to read and, our backgrounds are now crystal clear, so you can fully appreciate the cute puppy background.

New: Look to the top left of the app and find the three lines. You can now collapse the sidebar with a simple tap on this icon, giving you more room for your to-dos. Want the sidebar back? Just tap on the icon again.

New: We've also improved accessibility with better keyboard support and high contrast themes.

While the app is available for all Windows 10 users, it's still considered a beta, so there will likely be a few bugs. People who want to provide feedback back to the Wunderlist team about the app can do so by emailing beta@wunderlist.com.

Download Wunderlist Beta from the Windows Store

Source: Wunderlist

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