Xbox Elite Controller getting its first official customizations from Scuf

At E3 one of the many Xbox related announcements belongs to the excellent Elite Controller. Announced a year ago at E3 2015, this year the Elite is getting some appreciation from one of its main competitors in the pro-gamer controller circuit; Scuf.

Scuf Elite is now the official, exclusive third-party customization partner for the Xbox Elite Controller.

Scuf Gaming (SCUF), global leader and innovator in eSports, introduces a new line of controller accessories compatible with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (ELITE), available later this year. As part of the exclusive agreement, SCUF will offer controller customization for the ELITE so Xbox/PC Gamers can experience SCUF innovation if they are purchasing an ELITE controller.

What we'll be getting for the Elite are some of the customizations Scuf offers for its own Infinity range of controllers. There'll be a range of thumbsticks and grips as well as a ProHandle kit. Scuf will also let you switch up from using the Elite's standard rear paddles in favor of its own take. You'll get a replacement "Paddle Hatch" that'll go over the battery compartment and four straight paddles.

Rounding out the selection will be Scuf's own custom D-Pad. The accessories are scheduled to go on sale later in 2016. Check out the Scuf Elite site for more.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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