Xbox fans can stream the Halo TV series for free via Game Pass

Halo TV Series Master Chief
Halo TV Series Master Chief (Image credit: Microsoft / Paramount+)

The Halo TV series has launched into Paramount Plus, translating Microsoft's hit sci-fi shooter into a nine-episode series. The show centers around its iconic protagonist Master Chief, branching into a new alternate timeline, detailing the war between humanity and the Covenant alien threat. Episode 1 has now launched exclusive via the online streaming service, with future installments to follow over the weeks ahead.

While the Halo TV series usually requires a paid Paramount Plus subscription, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now watch the first few episodes for free. Microsoft has partnered with Paramount to provide members a 30-day trial to the video streaming service, ideal for getting no-cost access to the Halo TV show. It's limited to new Paramount Plus subscribers at this time.

Microsoft announced the deal earlier this week, providing the trial via its Xbox Game Pass Perks program, available via its Ultimate-tier plans. The period offers unlimited access to Paramount Plus, spanning the entire streaming catalog, including exclusive movies and TV shows. Those who activate the trial today will gain access to the first five episodes of Season 1 before defaulting to the $4.99 monthly rate, if not canceled.

The free trial is only available where Paramount Plus has launched, excluding countries in the UK and Europe still to receive the service. Current regions with Paramount Plus include the U.S., Canada, and Australia, alongside Latin America and Nordic countries. Those outside supported markets should look to our Halo TV show watch guide, breaking down VPN options for overseas viewers.

Xbox Game Pass perks can be claimed via the Xbox consoles, the Xbox app on Windows PCs, or the Xbox Game Pass app on iOS and Android.

The Halo TV show explores a new adventure for Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) based within what's been described as the "Silver Timeline." The story remains separate from mainline Halo entries, but with returning characters and themes from the games and books. It also makes the Halo TV show ideal for newcomers, outside of a handful of crucial facts you should know.

"The first episode juggles trying to appeal to both fans and newcomers, explaining the world and characters for anyone confused while not boring longtime veterans," stated Windows Central contributor Samuel Tolbert in our Halo Episode 1 review. "By and large, it succeeds, with an action-packed episode that's surprisingly gory and makes it clear there are surprises in store. Small ripples can have a large effect, however, so we'll have to wait and see exactly how or if the question marks raised here will resolve."

The first episode of the Halo TV show, dubbed Contact, is now available via Paramount Plus in supported regions. Sky will also serve the series to viewers in Italy and Germany, while Canal Plus will distribute the show in France. Paramount is expected to expand Paramount Plus availability through 2022, bringing the Halo TV show to new regions in the process.



Paramount Plus offers its subscribers access to countless TV shows and movies, including exclusive shows like the Halo TV series and Star Trek: Picard. It's available via the Paramount website, with apps also offered on iOS, Android, and popular TV app stores.

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