Noted Microsoft leakster h0x0d has teased a potential upcoming addition for Xbox subscriptions, dubbed "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate."

If accurate, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will combine both Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass into a single subscription, for a little less than paying for both separately. h0x0d claims Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost $14.99 per month, as opposed to the $19.98 per month you'd have to pay to get Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass separately on a month-by-month basis. There's no word yet on how much Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would cost on an annual basis.

The move makes total sense for Microsoft, given that Xbox Live is required for many titles in Xbox Game Pass, and the combined subscriptions are something fans have been requesting practically since day zero. It would make sense to unveil Xbox Game Pass Ultimate alongside the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition during April's Inside Xbox showcase. It would be the perfect combo for those seeking to save money on Xbox gaming, as we understand the discless All-Digital Edition will be the cheapest Xbox One console yet.

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As with all rumors like this, it's smart to take it with a pinch of salt, but h0x0d's track record speaks for itself. We'll likely find out sooner, rather than later.

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