The Xbox Insider Program's Alpha Ring is picking up a bug squishing update today

While this seems to be a relatively small update containing a few fixes, it shows that development is pacing nicely.

The first update of this Xbox preview wave will fix issues with dashboard navigation, Home screen crashing, "miscellaneous fixes," and more. Here's the changelog.


OS version released: rs2_release_xbox_1706.170813-1700 Available: 6:00PM PDT 8/16 (1:00AM GMT 17/8)

Thank you Xbox Insiders for your feedback on our first 1710 preview update! We're listening. This second 1710 preview update has a set of key fixes for Home, Guide, party disconnects, offline pins, and more. We have more feature updates coming over the next few weeks, including many based on feedback from Xbox Insiders from the first 1710 preview update. Please keep the feedback coming!

A core focus of this preview update is speed. One performance improvement you'll notice is we've sped up the virtual keyboard. Please let us know what you think of the changes, and be sure to complete the Custom Home Page Quest in the Xbox Insider Hub to give us feedback on the new dashboard.



  • Resolved an issue which could cause unexpected navigation when using LT and RT on the dashboard.
  • Home should no longer crash when attempting to edit, move, or delete content blocks.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements for Home.

Games & Apps

  • Fixed an issue which caused errors when transferring games and apps between external hard drives.


  • A new controller firmware update is available for Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth. You can manually download the update from Settings > Kinect & devices > Devices & accessories > Device info.


Child Accounts

  • Screen time limits for child accounts may not be enforced.
  • Granting a child account permission to access a game or app may fail to launch the game or app.

App Updates

  • The Store (and other apps) may fail to update, although the apps still launch successfully.


  • The delete (trash can) icon on Suggested Home content blocks does not function.
  • When Netflix (and other games or apps with light backgrounds) is launched and displayed in the large tile on the Home screen, the white text underneath is obscured.

We'll loop back with more detail after the update goes live later this evening, if indeed there are bigger changes not listed here. Stay tuned!

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  • When will beta get this update
  • Usually beta is a few days behind alpha, so probably not to far off
  • Brad on twitter replied to someone asking about when Beta will get it and he replied with this "Likely 2 more weeks to set expectations.  Alpha receives the early builds, BETA receives next milestone build after many iterations in ALPHA"
  • I don't think anyone at WC will know that answer. The Xbox team themselves probably don't even know which build will be next for beta. They usually screen for stability and critical issues through Alpha first and more internal self-host testing.
  • Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to install that tonight. The first build was clearly unstable.
  • It fixes the strange shadow box that had appeared on HBO GO.   My ESPN and Sling apps still appear zoomed in. Not sure if I am alone in that one.