Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved launched 15 years ago today

While it only seems like a short while ago for many, Microsoft's first gaming console, the original Xbox, launched 15 years ago as of today.

The Xbox brand has undeniably changed in those 15 years, with the passing of two console generations and countless hardware revisions. Initially shipping with a lineup of only 20 games at launch, both the services and software available on the platform have evolved over time. The console also hosted the Xbox Live in its early days, which paved the way for the content-rich ecosystem we know today.

Xbox was also a gateway to dozens of iconic exclusives - many which are still seeing the same praise after 15 years. Among those is the console's renowned shooter series Halo, which is set to receive its thirteenth entry in early 2017.

After the launch of two successors to the console, the Xbox brand has ended up in a very different position after these years. What started off as an isolated console is now tightly bound to the Microsoft ecosystem, serving as the company's main presence in the living room. Although the expectations of a console have changed over time, influences of Microsoft's first gaming endeavor can still be seen across the industry today.

What are your fondest Xbox memories over the past fifteen years? Make sure to share them with us in the comments!

Matt Brown

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Need Munch's Oddysee on Xbox One :((
  • Rather get Fuzion Frenzy or Unreal Championship back.
  • Fuzion Frenzy would be awesome. Spent countless hours playing that in a group of friends.  
  • Heck yeah on Fuzion Frenzy! Many, many hours spent in that game, most of them inebriated. Good times...
  • I got excited, thought something amazing was happening with either the Original Halo or the Xbox. On topic, I got my Xbox late into it's life but fell in love with Halo and Halo 2. I use to play with my friends on a 12 inch CTR monitor 4 player split-screen of Halo 2, Battlefront 2 and Unreal Championship 2. God I use to play hours of games on the Xbox and I believe it was due to being the first console I got to buy with my own money. I was 12 when I got the Xbox so I saved up for months to get a used on at my Local GameStop. I still have my original Xbox, but sadly it fried due to a power issue but I played it almost every day. Man does that bring back some amazing memories.
  • Using tunneling software to LAN against people online in halo ce was the best thing ever back then
  • I never did this myself, since like I said, I got the Xbox late in it's life and I couldn't afford Xbox Live at the time and had no idea this could be done till a few years later. I wish I had because it would have been awesome to play some Halo CE online!
  • halo ce on pc had and still has online and is still quite active
  • We are talking about the Xbox Version here not the PC version.
  • i know but im just saying if you want to relive some of the memorys that option is still their. even if its not 100% same. plus its got controller support so it brings it a little closer
  • We all know this.
  • k
  • Remember...Everyone likes a little ass...
  • Yeah, I remember first playing Halo on a crappy CRT display around a family friend's house and instantly fell in love. I was young at the time and eventually bought one off some dodgy guy at a yard sale - I think he smoked like 50 a day because the console had to be kept away from everything to get the smell out.
  • I cant see that cover without thinking of "Babbys first fps". Makes me crack up all the time.
  • Ha ha ha haa ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hooo
    Ddd daaaa ddd daaaaa ddd daaaa ddd daaaa dddad dadad da
  • Best soundtrack ever
  • I'm surprised they are rereleasing the previous rerelease of the game for this event.
  • should do a special edition Xbox One inside an original Xbox.
  • That would be cool! I still have my Halo special edition original xbox. Wonder how hard it would be to MOD it..... hmmm.....
  • This was so epic. I got one at launch and turned my back on PC gaming.
  • Man I got old FAST
  • No kidding. I cannot believe it has been 15 years. I still remembering standing in Target debating on buying it like it was yesterday.
  • I was the first person in line to get my xbox at meijer in MI on hall road we had to wait all night but at least they let us wait inside the store near the gamming area that had its own register so we were warm and dry. got home and played halo till morning it was awsome!!!!
  • My favorite memory is the first time I messed around with Halo PC. I got it for $10 from Gamestop around 2008, and dove into custom maps and multi player games. I think the first night I had it I stayed awake until it was time to shower and go to school, and I managed not to fall asleep at school. I've owned every game except for the Wars series, since I'm not into RTS's. I did play the beta for Wars 2, but I don't think I'm going to play it either. 
  • My favorite memories of the OG XBOX are playing the Burnout series and going online playing WHACKED!  I would love to see a remake of Whacked on the one with 8 player online multiplayer.  SSX Tricky was another favorite of mine on the XBOX as well.  Another fave for online was Capcom VS SNK2.  It's the only time I spent $150 on 2 arcade fighting sticks for that game.
  • One of Highest Score on Metacritc for a Exclusive. I think Sony never had a higher score
  • The Xbox is still the only console I ever bought on launch day. Xbox, Halo, PGR, Amped and Rallisport Challenge, along with two controllers. I loved being able to use custom soundtracks and games in Dolby Digital. Beta testing the original Xbox Live was great fun too. PGR (Project Gotham Racing) and Rallisport Challenge both need new versions.
  • I loved pgr. The time sliding tick sound was so satisfying to hear I had to perfect my skidding on that game. Rallisport was made by DICE and they stopped once EA bought the company. I loved both racers.
  • Best decision microsoft ever made. This game would have probably never seen any sequels and bungie wouldnt be what it is today if this game was only released for Macs as RTS. LOL. Bill Gates wanted this game on the Xbox.
  • I remember my older brother bought one while vacationing in New York, when he brought it back to Montreal with Halo and 2 controllers! I was hooked. Greatest launch title ever!