While it only seems like a short while ago for many, Microsoft's first gaming console, the original Xbox, launched 15 years ago as of today.

The Xbox brand has undeniably changed in those 15 years, with the passing of two console generations and countless hardware revisions. Initially shipping with a lineup of only 20 games at launch, both the services and software available on the platform have evolved over time. The console also hosted the Xbox Live in its early days, which paved the way for the content-rich ecosystem we know today.

Xbox was also a gateway to dozens of iconic exclusives - many which are still seeing the same praise after 15 years. Among those is the console's renowned shooter series Halo, which is set to receive its thirteenth entry in early 2017.

After the launch of two successors to the console, the Xbox brand has ended up in a very different position after these years. What started off as an isolated console is now tightly bound to the Microsoft ecosystem, serving as the company's main presence in the living room. Although the expectations of a console have changed over time, influences of Microsoft's first gaming endeavor can still be seen across the industry today.

What are your fondest Xbox memories over the past fifteen years? Make sure to share them with us in the comments!