Xbox LIVE Hub getting revamped with Mango?

Looks like Microsoft may be retooling the Xbox LIVE hub a bit for Mango as well, though they are mum on the details at the moment.

The image to the left was taken by us during a MIX11 session today. Denoting Xbox LIVE Gold Status, the change is quite significant from the current version. Our guess is that if you have a Gold account, it will now reflect on the tile. When we asked Microsoft's Andrew Clinick about it, he was very coy giving us a "I have no idea what you're talking about!" with a grin. Real frunny guys!

The second shot to the right, comes courtesy of Long Zheng/iStartedSomething of ChevronWP7 fame and was taken during the keynote (from his Flickr stream). It shows what the nex Xbox Hub may look like, with a smaller list view being shown. What other changes are there? We'll try to find out, but MS seems to not be revealing too much here.

Daniel Rubino

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  • It'd be nice to see the games hub and "Xbox Live Extras" put together. It is kind of weird having to launch an additional application to see your achievements and/or your avatar. I guess they'll take advantage of the "XNA & Silverlight in one app" approach.
  • I like it. A live tile with access to our xbl message would be cool too, not that people send a lot of messages to offline friends, in my experience.What I would really like to see is another payment option for the phone that lets you use your MSPoints. I have way too many stored up from console for Arcade games. The option could fit in right before you pay for your game/app/music where you select a credit card. Carrier billing could be put as an option there also.
  • I kind of like the tile game layout better than the future list style one
  • don't tell me it requires Gold membership for multiplayer! lol
  • That's a possibility!