Looks like Microsoft's focus on gaming and the Xbox One is finally paying off. With the release of Halo 5: Guardians, Minecraft and a strong portfolio of games this holiday season.

Microsoft has added 9 million new gamers to their Xbox Live monthly user base from the previous quarter for a total of 48 million users. That's a 30% increase year over year. The numbers were revealed in their FY2016 Q2 earnings earnings report filed today.

Gaming revenue grew by 9 percent and video games revenue grew 57%.

Interestingly, hardware revenue was down, which Microsoft attributes to lower volumes of Xbox 360 consoles being sold.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet revealed just how many Xbox One consoles were sold, although the number is likely healthy enough considering the Xbox Live users they pulled in over the last three months.

Microsoft may still trail Sony and their PlayStation 4, but their business looks healthier than ever.