Xbox One launch date and pricing confirmed for Russia

The Xbox One continues to be updated in regions where the console was made available since the launch late last year, but new markets are opening up and Russia is on that list. We're looking at a September 5 launch and a price tag of 27,990 rubles ($810) for the full package or 22,990 rubles ($660) without the Kinect and a bundled game.

As is the norm with video game consoles, a range of accessories will be available for owners to add optional extras and expand the experience. Here's what consumers will be looking to pay for some of the official gear:

  • Xbox One controller (with AA batteries) - 2,990 rubles ($90)
  • Xbox One controller (with rechargable battery) - 3,499 rubles ($100)
  • USB charging cable - 1,199 rubles ($35)
  • Wired headset - 1,199 rubles ($35)
  • Wireless stereo headset - 3,499 rubles ($100), with adapter for 1,199 rubles ($35)
  • Xbox One remote controller - 1,199 rubles ($35)

A special edition Titanfall gamepad will also be available, but pricing is currently unknown. If pricing in other markets is anything to go by, we'd expect something in the region of 3,400 rubles. Numerous games will also be available at launch in Russia, including Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and Zoo Tycoon. Console owners will be able to download and enjoy the likes of Skype and Twitch.

Will you be picking up the Xbox One later in the year?

Source:; thanks, Дмитрий, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • Will I be picking one up? That goes without question. The full package!:)
  • That feeling where you're from Russia. :D :CCC
  • when* :)
  • Also the launch date and price of Xbox One in Taiwan are released, Xbox One will officially be released on Sep 23 this year in Taiwan, retail prices are NT$15,980(US$533) with Kinect, NT$12,980(US$433)w/o Kinect. Damn it, they have to keep us waiting this long?!
  • Too late microsoft, i already bought a ps4 in India which was realesed back in January. Sorry but ur too late in the race, early console adopters have already made their choice.
  • Owell.
  • U can sell it still. If your keen on buying the Xbox one u should have waited for it.
  • The ps4 is already out in Hong Kong, but of course, I'll still be waiting for the best console ;)
  • Me too in South Africa. The disregard for my region makes me pick Sony every time. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Where the did WPcentral get that Day One silver plate D pad controller?
  • When they got it the first day? Lol.
  • I have it. It's the day one edition
  • What about Latin America?
  • I thought the launched in Latin America since day one; at least they did it for México.
  • Those prices though.....
  • Я из России, с такими ценами вы можете пойти в одно место, в 2 разадороже. мне нафиг эта хрень не нужна
  • I agree. The price for Russia is very high. I would never spend so much money for a console.
  • The Russian mob needs their cut!
  • Well, as we in the US know, its expensive occupying other sovereign nations....
  • Да уж... В России почему-то всегда всё дороже и не как у людей... :/
  • Those prices are crazy. While I understand in a protection from a balance sheet perspective, it really screws consumers.
  • It's a lot cheaper get xbox from german amazon, it will cost around 20k-21k rubles with kinect and delivery. So screw gready russian ms
  • That's pricey.