There's a tiny Master Chief hidden inside the Xbox One S

People who have torn down the new 2TB Xbox One S have discovered that Microsoft has hidden an image of Master Chief, from the company's Halo game series, inside the console.

The Master Chief figure was discovered as part of the teardown of the Xbox One S by iFixit (via Reddit. The hero of the Halo saga can be found etched into part of the optical disc drive. Obviously, we don't recommend everyone who just got their Xbox One S to tear it apart just so you can see Master Chief, but it is very cool that Microsoft tucked inside a little Easter Egg like this.

It's currently unknown if the Master Chief figure will be etched inside all Xbox One S consoles or just in the launch versions.

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  • That is very cool
  • Indeed. Microsoft did something awesome here.
  • Wow that's awesome
  • Very awesome
  • And in related news: 50000 Xbox S warranties just became void.
  • lol
  • Lol
  • Great strategy to limit risk on warranty repairs though right? "Uh boss the chip overheats when too much 4k pron is streamed". Solution:. Put a master chief logo on the inside so they'll void it first. I'm sure they will find a way to mod it aftermarket also.. it did say they were attached with a modular design right? 2tb SSD replacing that Seagate pos right away. v10
  • A 2 TB ssd will cost considerably more than the whole xbox. Just use external storage. You can attach 2 external drives.
  • 3 if you use the front port.  Even more if you use externally powered drives from a USB3 hub.
  • Nah, to the cloud! v10
  • Now, where did I put that external 16 Petabyte SSD Drive I use for game capture? Damn I  plugged the fridge into my X-Box again.  Its the same size as my 16 Petabyte SSD drive Damn!
  • LOL indeed!
  • Pretty fricking cool!
  • Pretty fricking cool!
  • Nice, wonder what Easter egg they'll hide in Project Scorpio.
  • Easter egg found
    Achievement unlocked (Master chief hide n seek)
  • Neat. You sure its not from Excite Bike?
  • Yes because Excitebike is Nintendo's property.
  • About time someone noticed. Lolz.
  • Gotta catch 'em all
  • Nice!
  • The all new MS :)
  • Definitely explains why the XBoxOneS is both cool and badass.  
  • Guys, regarding warranties, has anyone else noticed that we seem to have been given a 2 year warranty on the One S rather than the single year we got in the past? On the Device Support page of my MS user account where it lists my console and serial number etc, it states my warranty expires 08-30-2018, which was nice of them. Seeing the tiny internal power supply, I hope its not gonna fail and that extra year of warranty to be required. Can anyone else with the new console see if this affects them too?
  • Oh damn this better not turn into a #RRODgate again. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Are you in the EU? Because under EU law companies are supposed to provide 2 years warranty but many companies don't and get away with it due to most consumers not being aware of that fact. Although you do get the odd company who do provide extended (and on the rare occasion infinite) warranties on their products e.g. hard drive and screen protector manufactures respectively.
  • Don't jinx it. >_
  • Looks more like Mega Man to me ;-)
  • I need some help with my phone
  • LOL it would be funny if a bubble caption read, "you've just voided your warranty!"  :) j/k it wouldn't be funny, but you know.
  • Tidy
  • Good thing it's not a "Dick in a box!"