Xbox One US sales up 44% in July, Xbox 360 disc game sales second to PlayStation 4

While Sony's PlayStation 4 console was the number one selling game console in the US in July 2015, Microsoft says that sales of its own Xbox One were still up 44% compared to July 2014. What's more interesting is that, according to numbers from the research firm the NPD group, sales of games for the nearly 10 year old Xbox 360 were the second highest in the US on a per-unit basis, with only the PlayStation 4 beating it.

NPD analyst Liam Callahan believes the announcement from Microsoft on backwards compatibility for some Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One in July might have caused the surge in game sales:

"Consumers may have felt safer buying 360 games knowing that they will be able to play them on Xbox One if they choose to upgrade."

While Sony, Microsoft and NPD all did not offer specific unit numbers for console hardware sales in July, Callahan did say:

"After 21 months, combined Xbox One and PS4 hardware unit sales are close to 50 percent higher than the combined sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 after 21 months on the market."

Microsoft also added that active global Xbox Live users for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 were up 22% in July 2015.


  • Sony is in the midst of a new "golden era" for consoles.  44% ain't gonna cut it.
  • I still don't understand why though. There's nothing out on a PS4 that would make me want to trade my XO. There are more features and exclusives coming to XO than Sony can dream of, I for one am glad I stuck with Microsoft. The only time that I'll start getting the nagging feeling I need a PS4 is when Uncharted us released
  • It's simply the power of a well-established brand. Sony has reigned Supreme in Europe for a long time now, for example. It will be very difficuld to change that as people grew to trust Sony's offering. And with Microsoft constantly only caring for the US market, it's virtually impossible for them to do anything that might change the general mindset. Even if the Xbox One offers more than the PS4, years of neglect and despise have established Sony (and Nintendo) as the de facto brands for consoles. I wouldn't be surprised if the same would apply to a lot of other markets.
  • Well no. They're pretty close all the time. Xbox, PS, Wii ARE de facto brands for consoles. And Sony needs that badly. Without PS Sony would probably be bankrupt already. So please, keep being a Sony fanboy Haha
  • Funny, you sound more like the fanboy. 
  • Jbestman, why, he called all 3 de facto brands (and said the Sony part isn't) Where does he come off as a fanboy?​
  • I think many people got a PS after Xbox had a bit of a rough beginning. And when new people buy systems they often get the same system as their friends to be able to play together. I think the One has a really bright future though.
  • +735 And when hearing other gamers Xbox One is winning back. With Windows 10 that could go even faster. Indeed, a really bright future. Had both. Sold the PS4. Kept the Xbox One. Love the updates especially the new streaming to W10. Killer feature.
  • The perception is that PlayStation has the best (J)RPG and (action) adventure game catalog. No idea if it's true, but that's probably it. Personally I feel there still isn't many great exclusive for either PS4 or Xone that I should bother.
  • It is vexing, for sure. Xbox One has way more AAA exclusive games, in a wider variety of genres, and way more entertainment features, with a much better online network and integration across devices, and at a cheaper price. Xbox should be outselling PS4, but, consumers are, to put it nicely, flat-out weird.
  •  there live service is down every two days or breaking , they have no diversty LOL show me a real RPG   as they call shadow of mordor a rpg or a game act/adv like last of us they dont they know racers and shooters and there first party games are a joke what gears the game no one cares for anymore except fanboys and 3 ips no one has even seen only there BS videos of them and them calling tombraider a exclusive .  here are a few that are only ps4 not x1 and there better than any of the junk xbox has so far starocean , jak&daxter , uncharted, last of us , ratchet&clank,sword art online , dragonquest , touikeden , undead&undressed,disega 5 ,persona 5 ,tearaway , little big planet ,until dawn , one piece pirate warriors ,onechanabara Z2 ,streetfighter , god of war , FFmmo , FFx/x-2 ,bloodbourne ,dragonwarrior  also greedy clowns charging tax on there digital sales what clowns every game digitally is always cheaper on the ps4 and in my area games like gta v are $69.99 after tax $78 on the x1 on the ps4 its $69.99 no tax .
  • Ps4 has most of the JRPGs as exclusives which is my favorite genre. As me being an Xbox One owner its pretty saddening.
  • I didn't either, I mean the ps4 is a joke in terms of triple A exclusives, features and overall build quality. Naturally there’s the brand loyalty, but in todays (too) social world, where anything gets reported over a million times, where you have countless sites and even GameStop employees (personal experience and from what I keep hearing) telling you how the ps4 is the one to choose and how “MS is out to destroy gaming” or even "MS evil, Sony good" (not an exaggeration) over any and all social media outlets, well it’s not really surprising. Sony are "the white knights of gaming" according to their rabid fanbase and yet:
  • games its called diversty and a line up my x1 is a gamless console and the interface LOL big deal you use it  few min a day to get in to the games and thats it its not a system seller and what are you on xbox has 5 first party ips coming  not that many and forza and that junk are far from system sellers & quantum break has been delayed for 3 years when it finnaly releases as it was supposed to be a launch title , the ps4 has has tons of games that the x1 is not getting that are way better than gears or forza the xbox has no clue when it comes to anything thats not a shooter or racer and considering the new sales records are in and sony is over 25 million and xbox is well under 15 mill shipped still and as sales show all the games from batman to unity or destiny have all sold at least 5 times more than the x1 versions and thats why devs are going to the ps4 its the 360 & ps3 reversed from cod bailing to ps4 having starocean , jak&daxter , uncharted, last of us , ratchet&clank,sword art online , dragonquest , touikeden , undead&undressed,disega 5 ,persona 5 ,tearaway , little big planet ,until dawn , one piece pirate warriors ,onechanabara Z2 ,streetfighter , god of war , FFmmo , FFx/x-2 ,bloodbourne ,dragonwarrior , and those are just a few that are only on ps4 not the x1 and sorry but games are what make a system and sony has way way more already and way more coming out and do some research sony has way more IPs then xbox could dream of and most are bloody huge .  I love my x1 but the only thing it has going for it is the interface the games are all on ps4 since its 89% 3rd party multy plat games and there first party line up is small how can they think that 15 at most first party games can hold a console thats just bloody stupid and only a fanboy or a very slow person could look at the facts and the real games released and anounced and think the x1 isdoing good for gamers .
  • and for the next generation people will remember, there was nothing to play on PS4 and it gathered dust.
  • The PS4 so-called "golden era" is not enough because over-all Sony is still hemorrhaging. They should aim for "platinum era".
  • Wut? 52% better than the 360 in the same time in its life cycle (i.e. 2 years after the launch) "ain't gonna cut it"?
  • Ive been all digital since day one on my One.. Pretty sure more digital sales on One than ps.
  • Sadly the price vs. What you get for preorder isn't enough to go digital in beginning but at least to convert to digital only requires a few kb to convert when a sale makes it easier to pay twice
  • Commodore 64, Atari, NES, SNES, N64, PS2, PS3 then Xbox One. My history of consoles in that order.
    I opted to go for Xbox One because I got way more bang for my buck. Snapping, TV, gaming, apps... Skype alone sold me. It has been nothing short of an outstanding surprise with the Xbox One. People want more for their hard earn cash and the Xbox One delivers. Heck, I watched the Superbowl with my cousin snapped on Skype and he is 3000km away from me, on my Tv! Outstanding console. Once people see the true power of the Xbox One, it will be hard for them not to buy one. Backwards compatibility too now. It keeps getting better and better every month. We also got way more update for improvement than any other console out there to date for the next gen consoles.
  • No Magnavox Odyssey or Vic20? :)
  • Lol. I still have my Vic20
  • I always wanted a Turbo Graphics 16. Very underrated for its time.
  • Commodore64, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, 3DO, PS2, Xbox360, XBoxOne.  A better question might be which ones do you still have around?  NES, Sega Genesis, N64, XboxOne.
  • Only the Atari has been kept. The others I gave to family members.
  • Nes,snes,genesis,ps1,Dreamcast,n64,GameCube,Gameboy,ps2,xbox360,ps3,psp,Ps vita,ps4,xbox1,pstv
  •   Commodore PET, VIC20, C64, C128; Amiga A500,600,1200,1000,3000,4000,CD32 -- Atari 400,800,2600 -- TRS80 CoCo2 -- Atari 2600, NES, SNES, PS, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One  :)  
  • Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, N64, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One.  Went from a Sega fan to an Xbox Fan.  Tried Nintendo and Sony along the way and didn't cut it.  Still eyeing out PS4 if they get their act together.  Right now it's all smoke and mirrors.
  • The Xbox One has the way better Lineup, Sony just don't make good games and really have had nothing for two years. I still couldn't tell you what I want to play on the PS4 for the next year, everything they announced is fluff or way off, the only thing they seem to be banking on is Uncharted 4.... a series that isn't a massive seller. The problem I have with the Xbox One though is it's a much weaker system, so a lot of people pick the PS4 because the games will look better, there are more third party games than exclusives...   Myself though, I have no interest in consoles, so if Microsoft wants me playing their games, they better put them on Windows. 
  • And that's what YOU think.  Others think differently and the sales reflect that
  • Most of the bundles for the PS4 + Game you could buy on the Xbox One. You do know the PS4 has been out much longer than the One..?
  • I want to trade my ps4. Any one in india were can I trade it for Xbox one
  • Where in India? That was new :D
  • Exchange it at CEX.
  • Good food them.
  • Who's got two thumbs and is looking forward to Forza 6? This guy!
  • I've got both and can safely say that they are both worse than their predecessors in terms of games, but the Xbox One is a lot better than my PS4 overall due to fluidity and ease of use, also the only game that I wanted the Playstation for will eventually come for Xbox anyway making it obsolete unless an exclusive comes out
  • Ps4 is a much better gaming system! I have both systems and I'm a HUGE Microsoft windows fan too! and now xbox lost the DLC rights for who knows how many years. Now playstation gets ALL DLC a month early INSTEAD of Xbox! It's because the xbox screwed up and launched the new system not ready. Playstation was ahead of them off the rip! Just sayin.. :)
  • A hole month? First world problems.
  • If you own both systems, which would you buy the DLC on: the one with better graphics that gets the game earlier or the one with slightly inferior graphics that requires a 30 day wait for DLC?
  • Earlier with better looking graphics, no brainer really. Unless if you plan to wait for a sale.
  • Why would you buy the game on both systems? I would buy the game on the system that my friends own so I can play with them and wait for the DLC if need be. The "better" graphics are not noticable, and who cares if you gotta wait. Neither system is actually better, it's all about the experience you can get personally out of it. I own all three, plus a PC, and I have a ton of fun with all of them. 
  • I would buy it on the PC :)
  • The one my friends are playing on I'd buy...
  • That's bs. I own both since launch and I am on my Xbox way more than ps4. Most of my friends are on PS and yet I still play the Xbox more. It offers way more in terms of features and gaming on the two are mute. Neither has a clear edge over the other. People just like to use the spec argument and it is a crap argument. Multimedia features on the Xbox set it apart from the PS.
  • That's what people that are blind say because they are true Xbox fans. They talk about the things the Xbox is good at and what's different from ps4 and say that's why it's better. But they don't include all the things ps4 has that Xbox doesn't, and how features the PS4 had day1 or damn near day1, Xbox gets over a year later.
  • Anyone who has followed both consoles since launch knows that the Xbox One has always had more features and has gotten even more features over time thanks to regular monthly updates. It's really pretty embarassing for Sony, actually.
  • Really all DLC? No that is not the case. You must be talking about Call of Duty BO3. We'll see what system the world championships get played on as well. 
  • Seriously?
  • They need to get together and build one system and we ALL can pay online verse each other! :)
  • That's called a PC, Microsoft already builds them, but you can build one yourself that is more capable and less expensive.
  • This^
  • Technically there isn't anything preventing that even now.
  • Oh you bunch of suck ups! Clearly you don't know crap. The statistics have been shown and proven so Xbox has to up their game if they want to be on top. Games are better? Read again.
  • I believe most people are talking about exclusives. Many gaming publications and sites have said just that. Better exclusives. They are both great systems. Sales don't make one better than the other. Consumer perception tends to drive sales and MS screwed up in the begining. Just like last generation systems PS3 started out in hole and by the end had caught up. Whatch history repeat itself with the roles switched. Besides with out two competing consoles there would be no inovation.
  • Lets look at this from the other perspective, if I am a casual gamer now with 2 kids and rarely get a chance to actually use the system, which system do I want attached to my TV?  PS4 has not given me any reason to want to switch and the XBoxOne continues to push out new tricks and things that make my daily life easier and better to be able to play games.  For example, allowed the 'Very High' stream rate on my Surface 3 yesterday so I could play games while my wife watches TV.  Having my games be seconds away with a "Xbox Play [insert game here]" is so convenient.  Playing music with music videos through Xbox Music for my 3 year old daughter.  snapping a football game while playing games.  Skyping with my family while I am out on a business trip is REALLY easy and having kinect try to follow my daughter as she runs around the room is pretty priceless. Not having to lug my disks around to my brohter in-laws house when his boys want to play one of my games...  I know that PS4 can do some of these things.  XBoxOne just makes it really easy to do it.  We recently got a new house and two new TV's and put the XBoxOne in the bonus room and not attached to our main TV that my wife and I watch all the time.  We recently had this discussion about whether or not we should attach the Xbox to the main tv instead as my wife got used to talking to the TV. We'll probably just end up getting a new XboxOne for that one as well. Random question: What is your complete setup with your XboxOne?  With your PS4?  it would be interesting to see the differences in set-ups
    Mine: Comcast (105MB/s), Motorola Surfboard 6141, Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200, Tivo Mini (hooked to a Tivo Roamio Plus), LG 65UF8500 3D/Smart 4K (47ms input lag, i know... but the Sony was too rich for my wife's blood).
  • The only thing Xbox will prob ever have is skype, and the hdmi in port. And remote play was 1st on ps4 and allows for u to play on pstv psvita and devices can can't use the remote play app.
  • Remote play was first on 360 boiii. And then came straight to the One.
  • Vita? That's it? How about a PC, tablet, or phone that I own. No extra purchase necessary.
  • Really people? You're still wondering why the PS4 is winning in sales? The most obvious reason was the Xbox One reveal. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with all that bad press. Until today you still have people believing things like the 24 hour online check ins. It doesn't matter if this was a year or 2 ago, that reveal was an epic failure that still leaves a bad taste in peoples minds.
  • It was a huge fail. You are correct about people still beliving rumors. I actually had some ask me what I though about not being able to trade used games just the other day. I think the system is rebounding though as is evidenced by the increased sales. A system generation tends to be 7-10 years and were only at 2.
  • I miss my Xbox 360 lol gave out already good times but with back compat should hold me over for next years games.