This is the exclusive Xbox One X boot animation

For the most part, the Xbox One X will have the same operating system as the Xbox One and Xbox One S you're used to today, with a few small differences. It will be able to output games in 4K, naturally, but also capture gameplay at 4K with a more powerful Game DVR. It will also get a special boot animation that celebrates the internal system, dubbed the Scorpio engine, in honor of the console's codename.

Xbox's Major Nelson has given us an early glimpse at the boot animation following a few leaks. Here it is in all its high-def glory.

Here is a preview of the special boot animation that only Xbox One X owners will see. Only a few more days until launch.— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) November 1, 2017

The Xbox One X launches proper on November 7, 2017. Head over here to learn all about this powerful console, or stay tuned for our full review in the near future.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • That was a slight let down...☹
  • Yeah....not very innovative, they should take it off.
  • from a design standpoint... the should have dropped the green background and made it black and make the logo itself green. then it wouldn't look like the tacked on a new video in front of the splash screen
  • others have said this, i agree...
  • I don't mind it too much, but those of us with instant on mode enabled won't even see it that often.
  • Kinda *****, but I use instant on anyway so no harm done.
  • The awesomeness of the start quickly turns into a 'meh' feeling when it changes to that old and boring all green screen :(
  • That's it?😕
  • All this power to boot in 40sec?! I need to check the X specs again but my pc with a SSD boot in 20sec, I was expecting the same kind of delay with the X with its hybrid hdd. Edit: I hope the project Scorpio edition has a new one,something like a black background and a Xbox green Scorpio around the Xbox logo.
  • This is a looping, if the bootanimation lasts more than 40 seconds a looping occurs
  • You PC boots in 20 seconds with a SSD? I think something is wrong with your Windows installation (Is it W10?) or you have you have some other issue. Even my old i3 boots in less than 10.
  • Must be nice. My PC with Win 10 on an SSD and a 4790k @ 4.7ghz takes 40 sec or so to go from power on to desktop. And I've never understood why. My laptop and tablet with lesser power boot 3x quicker.
  • Holy crap. Yeah, that's insane. Did you ever try a clean install?
  • Mine takes ages because of Asus logos, intel logos, bios, raid bios post, bla bla bla... after that takes 4s to load win10
  • My computer goes from the end of post to desktop in about 3 seconds, PCI-E SSD
  • Maybe the Xbox One Z will get a PCI Express SSD for the operating system to boot from. You would think they would have done that for the Xbox One X, but no
  • 😶
  • "Resuming..." from 00:08.
  • Looks great, can't wait for next week when I can fianlly go from 360 to X.
  • This post should win an award for being the most anti-climactic.
  • I'm getting a very early 2000s vibe from that new splash video before the Xbox One logo