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Unleash the beast! Xbox One X unboxing and tour of our review kit

The Xbox One X launches on November 7th, so it makes sense to start seeing a ramping up of PR around the release. One of our review units finally showed up yesterday, and while we can't show gameplay yet (see our Rise of the Tomb Raider comparison post though for that), we can do the retail unboxing bit.

Unboxings are always a bit anticlimactic, but they're still a fun especially for a gaming console. Oh, and before you ask, I had to shoot this video myself, so the quality is below our usual standards (our videographer Mark Guim was not available).

The One X is pretty basic for the retail kit, but Microsoft did a bang-up job for reviewers. Our reviewer box includes around 13 Microsoft Studio Games including Halo 3, ReCore, Gears of War 4, Minecraft and a few other titles as well. Also, each kit gets the new DVD Planet Earth II in 4K and HDR, along with Xbox Gold and more.

The good news for you folks is between our multiple kits we'll be giving away a lot of those games codes on our channel in the coming weeks, so go follow our channel to see when we broadcast.

Look for our full review of the Xbox One X before November 7th as well as our guides, deeper dives, comparisons and additional content. Now, let's get 4K gaming!

Xbox One X unboxing photos

For those who want more detail, here a slideshow gallery of the both the reviewer's kit and retail Xbox One X.

Xbox One X essential viewing

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  • Nevermind the game giveaway, I'd rather have that book.
  • I hope Dan already activated the Xbox Live subscription or that no one tries to steal it from the video....
  • It's fine ;)
  • Daniel I hear that it is heavy for it's size, do you agree?
  • Over on android central...ha ha ha!!!!   
  • How is the fan noise on it? Would it be noisy when playing 4K Blu-rays or playing games?
  • With internal power supply, CPU, GPU, memory and mechanical hard drive it will be a boiler house and therefore more air flow and fan work (noise) for cooling! Hence, the huge ventilation opening on the back panel....Why no SSD?!
  • Because SSD would add more price for one. 1TB SSDs aren't cheap.
  • I get it but I would've gladly shelled out extra for one. Some tiered storage options would've been cool but probably not cost effective for MS. 
  • add your own external SSD when you get one.
  • I would if the interface was pci express not the 10-year old sata6 technology!
  • You are aware SATA III (or "SATA 6") was designed for SSDs... It's capable of delivering bandwidth of 6Gb/s, which is plenty enough for a console. PCI Express based SSDs really have little real-world viability atm for most consumers.
  • SSD prices have gone down, but not enough
  • They could have given us some fake circuitry on our box! =P