Xbox One X preorders are live, here are all the links you need!

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

The 6 TF monster is designed to power 4K experiences, providing the best visuals for all games across all consoles. The Xbox One X can also do everything your Xbox One S can do, but better, providing better visuals even on HD TVs. 4K game DVR, a smaller design, and a faster HDD will truly provide a premium Xbox experience unmatched in the market today, and it's available to preorder right now.

Hot on the heels of the successful preorder sales of the Project Scorpio edition, the standard edition Xbox One X will be going live for preorder today at $499.99 across all major retailers.

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Here's every link you need for buying the X.

To learn more about the Xbox One X, head over here for our full FAQ. But in brief, the Xbox One X will bring 4K and various other types of enhancements to 130 existing and future games, making it the ultimate device for ultra high-definition gaming in the living room. It will also bring a challenge to gaming PCs, which will struggle to hit the same levels of visual opulence and media features at the X's $499.99 price point.

Everything you need to know about the Xbox One X

Where to preorder Microsoft's Xbox One X

Xbox One X consoles will start at $499 in the U.S., with UK and European pricing set at £449 and €499 respectively. All consoles should ship later this year, with a release date currently set for November 7, 2017.

Note: The preorder links will go live at different times per region, but all should go live today at some point. Right now, preorders in the US, Canada and Europe are live.




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The Xbox One X seems legit

The Xbox One X represents the start of Microsoft's fight back in the evolving console war, which, so far this gen, has been dominated by Sony's PlayStation. Multi-platform games moderately outperformed the Xbox One versions on PlayStation 4, but that should no longer be the case with the Xbox One X, which is 50% more powerful even than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

With the largest line-up of console games, now spanning generations thanks to backwards compatibility, the Xbox platform is an amazing place to play, and with the X, it should become the best place to play, as games will look better and run faster.

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