Phil Spencer says 'not too much of a wait' for Xbox Series X game reveals

Xbox Series X Chip
Xbox Series X Chip (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console.
  • It's 2-3 teraflops more powerful than the PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the wait for game reveals won't be too long.
  • A proper reveal event is scheduled for May according to numerous reports.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console that features 12 teraflops of raw power and much more. A few days ago, we reported that a proper reveal for the device, and possibly the low-end Xbox Series S, was going to take place in May. Well, it seems like Xbox head Phil Spencer is also hinting that a games reveal will happen soon.

When asked by an Xbox One user about the company's plans, Spencer said the following. It won't be "too much of a wait" to see games said Spencer on Twitter.

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It'll be interesting to see how the visuals stack up compared to the Xbox One X. However, the real test will be when comparing PlayStation 5 (PS5) games to the Xbox Series X. The PS5 uses overclock technology, but it's base teraflop reading is 9.2, so Xbox Series X has quite the advantage when it comes to raw performance. However, the PS5 solid-state drive appears to be faster so that may result in shorter loading times. In my opinion, whichever console offers the highest resolutions and best effects will come out on top.

What do you want to see from the Xbox Series X games reveal? Let us know.

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  • Forza Horizon 5 would be a great launch day title
  • I think the PS5's SSD speed is just smoke and mirrors, just as the TFLOPS metric is. Cerny said it was a 12-bus lane, so the theoretical maximum might be only achievable if you access data exactly in the 12 different physical chips inside the module. Can someone confirm/deny or elaborate on this for me please? It felt really sketchy to me. Today's highest end SSDs don't even come close to 5 Gigs a second. Actually it's a lot closer to one twelfth of that...
  • Yeah I didn't get it either.. And what would be the gain?
  • That's not true at all, there are SSD's currently that are in the 5Gb range.
  • I don't know where you get your information from, but the highest end Samsung 970 Evo Plus does 2.1GB sequential.
  • May sounds likely, though if they're aiming to hit the same kind of timeframe as E3 would traditionally land on, I'd expect early June.
  • Can't wait. I'm ready to see first wave next Gen games. And any 2nd wave if MS let us.
  • I have been a PS guy since the beginning but I am looking forward to the Series X more than the PS5... hopefully some exciting new IP is revealed and I’m ready to jump ship
  • It’s interesting to see people saying things like “whichever console offers the highest resolutions and best effects will come out on top.” As far as resolution goes most people still don’t even have 4K TVs yet and can’t even tell the difference between games that run full 1080p or those that don’t. Most would have trouble telling the difference between 4K and 1080p on all but the biggest TVs. 99% of people can’t tell the difference in graphics from one console to another unless it’s dramatic. If you know anything about the games industry you would know that graphics capabilities have almost never led to a significant competitive advantage in gaming console sales. Xbox One X is more powerful than PS4 Pro but this hasn’t resulted in an advantage in overall console sales. PS4 overall sales have still been beating Xbox usually 2 to 1 for the past 3 years. The primary motivators in sales have been very predictable for the last several console cycles:
    1. Cost - Lower price is practically a one hit kill for the cheaper console when two consoles are released at the same time with comparable capabilities. Higher price killed the PS3 and later the Xbox One on release and neither ever fully recovered from a second place position in the market even after coming out with cheaper options.
    2. Content/Games - If a console has an exclusive game or games that are widely seen as must play for people then its chances of winning in sales increases dramatically. The more highly regarded its exclusive games, the better the consoles sales.
    3. Reputation/Word of Mouth - Xbox One in addition to being higher priced at first took a massive beating with the confusion and bad will generated by the internet requirement debacle and the excessive focus on TV entertainment when it was announced. This hurt sales. The Wii U was widely considered to have a confusing name and questionable overall strategy that people didn’t understand. Wii U failed miserably as a result. So, just to summarize, graphics are almost never the most important determinant of a gaming console’s sales success. Indeed, Nintendo has proven time and time again that content is king in the gaming console industry assuming the price is right. Only a minority of gaming enthusiasts care about which console has slightly better graphics and make buying decisions primarily based on that. In the end, if suddenly the only thing you could play fortnite on was a GameCube, you bet your ass people would be buying those things up like crazy.
  • Yep, agree with most of that. I really hope MS considers being lower in price than PS5, although that is almost impossible to do as MS usually go first. Can you imagine if Sony pulled first, said,."here's the PS5, yours for £450". Then MS come out after and say, "hey, here's the Xbox Series S, yours for £250. And the Series X, yours for £350". Xbox would clean up. One other thing to mention, is lock-in. All the previous generations were physical media. This time, people are tied to the consoles they had in this gen. The next gen is the hardest win MS could attempt. Arguably, I'd say Xbox One owners are better catered for than Sony PS4 users, as MS nailed the back compatibility, and made it a feature. But those PS4 users are still hard to convert to Xbox users. They effectively start from scratch... Be tough for me, I have many games.
  • Interesting point regarding digital downloads as a lock-in dynamic. I think you’re right that it will have more effect than in the last generation, but just how much remains to be seen. I also agree that backward compatibility could be a boon for Series X and make people much more likely to trade their Xbox Ones in for Series X. Based on the PS5 controller I also have the distinct impression that Sony is going “premium” with PS5, but I could be wrong. Will certainly be interesting to see how this all pans out, it could go either way right now for sure!