Phil Spencer says 'not too much of a wait' for Xbox Series X game reveals

Xbox Series X Chip
Xbox Series X Chip (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console.
  • It's 2-3 teraflops more powerful than the PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the wait for game reveals won't be too long.
  • A proper reveal event is scheduled for May according to numerous reports.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console that features 12 teraflops of raw power and much more. A few days ago, we reported that a proper reveal for the device, and possibly the low-end Xbox Series S, was going to take place in May. Well, it seems like Xbox head Phil Spencer is also hinting that a games reveal will happen soon.

When asked by an Xbox One user about the company's plans, Spencer said the following. It won't be "too much of a wait" to see games said Spencer on Twitter.

It'll be interesting to see how the visuals stack up compared to the Xbox One X. However, the real test will be when comparing PlayStation 5 (PS5) games to the Xbox Series X. The PS5 uses overclock technology, but it's base teraflop reading is 9.2, so Xbox Series X has quite the advantage when it comes to raw performance. However, the PS5 solid-state drive appears to be faster so that may result in shorter loading times. In my opinion, whichever console offers the highest resolutions and best effects will come out on top.

What do you want to see from the Xbox Series X games reveal? Let us know.

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