Xperia X1 Press Event

Had enough HTC Touch HD yet? Us neither, but it's time to point out that it's not the only news going on today. Sony Ericsson held a webcast earlier today to tout the X1's chops, the live webcast hasn't been archived yet for viewing, but you can catch a liveblog rundown of the event over at wmpoweruser.

What new info did we find out? Erm, not much beyond the possibility that Sony will leverage their giganto-corporate-syngergies to ship the phone with full length movies in some countries (Hi Spider-Man!). It's shipping on September 30th or later depending on carriers (read: AT&T is one of the “or later” carriers).

You can still follow the stylings of Johnny X in the future, the next episode is Sept 22nd. There's also an official, Sony-sponsored Xperia Blog, though visiting it makes you an 'xperiancer,' and we hear that it takes some pretty strong antibiotics to get rid of that.

WC Staff