Xperia X1a - North American Edition

The official Sony Xperia Blog [via Engadget Mobile] has posted up a few details on the Xperia X1a -- which is apparently the official moniker for the North American version of the Xperia X1. The X1 saw its release everywhere else on September 30th, but here in the states we were pretty much left hanging, excepting a little FCC action.

Well, the good news is we can stop hanging on November 3rd, which is when Sony plans on announcing when they'll release the thing. The X1a is going to be a little different from the X1i (the international version) in expected ways (different radio bands and keyboard layout) and an unexpected way (slower video framerate).

The North American version will also keep the front facing camera, which you'll be able to use to take pictures of yourself cursing AT&T for not supporting two-way video calls.

It's been awhile, but you can still check out our early hands-on review of the Xperia X1 here.

WC Staff