Yammer coming to Windows Phone

Yammer, the Facebook for enterprises, has announced that they're looking to launch an official app for Windows Phone 7. Built from the ground up, this soon-to-be freely available app will bring social interaction to the enterprise level for employees who use WP7. It is also stated that the app will be Mango compatible.

Some highlighted features:

  • Threaded Conversations - Post, reply and like messages. Easily follow conversations with replies displayed underneath the original message.
  • Multi-Feed Access - Quickly navigate between My Feed, Group Feeds and Company Feed to find relevant conversations.
  • Multi-Network Access - Switch between various internal and external networks.
  • Member Directory and Profiles - Find updates, links and files posted by a specific colleague in addition to contact information.
  • Private Messages - Communicate privately with one or more colleagues. 
  • Live Tile Integration - Receive real-time notifications from Yammer about new conversations and messages on your Windows Phone Start screen, all without opening the application.

Paul Bryan, senior director of product management in Microsoft's Windows Phone Division, mentions Yammer as a cutting-edge business app:

"Windows Phone offers software developers a best in class operating system and developer tools, and Yammer is a great example of the new wave of business apps partners are creating with these new capabilities. We're excited to see new cutting-edge business apps, like Yammer, join our growing app ecosystem and pleased to offer a way to help grow their business with Windows Phone Marketplace."

David Sacks, founder and CEO, Yammer had this to say about WP7:

"Millions of Windows Phone users will be able to access Yammer to connect with their colleagues and collaborate on the go. Many of our large enterprise customers rely on Microsoft technology to run their businesses. As we rapidly advance Yammer's enterprise social networking capabilities, we will continue to partner closely with Microsoft to integrate core Yammer functionality into its offerings."

As well as the WP7 news, Yammer has also announced a new version of its integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Yammer SharePoint 3.0 Web Part provides a real-time social layer to the SharePoint platform, making it more social, mobile and engaging for enterprise employees.

Source: Marketwire, via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
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