Yeah, here comes Android

Today's the day, the T-Mobile G1 is coming. Our brand new baby sister site, Android Central, is covering the big news in rapid blog-post-style. If you're fearing that Android is going to take down Windows Mobile, well, we're a little sympathetic. We suppose it's worth noting that Windows Mobile hardware can run Android, actually, it's already been done on the Tilt.

We recommend you check out this quality article at PC Mag by Sascha Segan, which argues fairly convincingly that it's not Windows Mobile that need be afraid, it's feature phones. Android probably won't be feature-competitive with WM (at least for awhile, anyway), but a free and extensible OS is just what the crappy UI on your standard free phone needs. So there's some breathing room there, Microsoft, though we hope you're using it to push Windows Mobile 7 out the door more quickly before it becomes hyper-ventilation room.

Anyhow, welcome is due to our new kid sister blog, Android Central. Go on and give her a noogie.

WC Staff