Load up Android on your Tilt

Those wild and crazy hackers at XDA-Developers have managed to get a working build of Android running on a TyTN II (basically the same thing as your Tilt). Click the video above for the living proof of Android running on top of a cooked Windows Mobile 6.1 build by the powerhouse of TyTN ROM Cookery: Dutty. The more interesting part is that this isn't some Windows Mobile replacement, you can just load the sucker onto your main memory. Basically you load up linux “like an app” and it loads up Android.

This, folks, is going to be a trend. Expect Android to be made semi-available on pretty much every Windows Mobile platform powerful enough to run it. Now being able to do so with anything resembling stability or safety for the average user, that's probably a way's off, so handle with care, folks.

[via tilt site]

WC Staff