With the late night announcement from Nokia and AT&T about the pre-order for the Lumia 1520, due for release on Friday, November 22nd, “which color?” has become the hot topic.

The good news is if you pre-order through AT&T, you can nab yourself a yellow one. But if you want to get it through Microsoft via their Store, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Indeed, we’re hearing from a close source that yellow will be “scarce”, hinting at a possible shortage of the color.

Microsoft Stores won't have the 1520 in Yellow

It’s not clear if AT&T is grabbing all the yellow stock or if they will have enough supply for all who want that awesome color (yes, we’re biased).

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So if you were hedging on a decision, you may want to get that pre-order in early to make sure your yellow beast arrives on time. All we know is Microsoft Stores--both online and physical--won't be taking stock of the yellow hue.

Pre-orders from AT&T are due to ship on November 19, meaning there’s a good chance many of you will have it early.

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