You can add a crackling fireplace and other holiday effects on the Bing homepage

Microsoft has added some optional holiday effects on the Bing homepage that will make any monitor look like a winter wonderland. The options are located on the right lower side of the Bing homepage and include adding in animated snow and lights to its trademark photo, along with ice around the border and some holiday bells playing in the background.

Bing Fireplace

If you want to go all out, there's even an option to turn on an effect that turns the Bing homepage into a roaring fireplace, complete with sound effects. It's the perfect way for your PC monitor to get into the holiday spirit.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

Source: Bing

  • Nice... And maybe we can get points for holiday spirit... I like my Bing points... Need some more gift cards...
  • Lol and what about being able to get points in Europe :)
  • Haha just slected them all - very festive :)
  • You are welcome! Finally, one of my tips were recognized first. Merry Christmas. Yay!
  • I don't have that. I just have the usual previous/next picture buttons, photo info and full screen button. Is there something that I must do in or settings or something
  • You need to set the region to US from the settings
  • Fireplace not an option in Firefox.
  • Use edge, it's better
  • Hopefully someday. Call me when it supports extentions.
  • Thanks for the tip. ☺
  • I want this on my desktop. I always like the snow and blinking lights on my desktop at Christmas. Old school.
  • Be careful.  Having a fire, whether real or not, may be deemed dangerous in the workplace or school.  You may be held liable for the evacuation.  Keep in mind that pictures of guns are not allowed in schools.  Certainly a video of a fire is very dangrous as well.  It would be wise to keep a fire extinguisher nearbye.
  • Paranoia is fast becoming the norm among those less equipped than the rest. If we can only prevent them from infecting the rest of us.
  • I am loving the log burning and the crackling sounds...
  • Its nice isn't it?
  • Not a fan of the badly designed W10 style wireframe icons but the features are great as usual.