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You can no longer renew MixRadio Unlimited music download subscriptions in India

We've got some bad news for Lumia and Mix Radio fans in India. According to a new FAQ entry (opens in new tab) on the support section of Microsoft India's website, users will no longer be able to purchase renewals for unlimited download subscription.

While the ability to renew the premium option hasn't been available for several months now, the official word from Nokia/Microsoft was that the team was aggressively working on a resolution. This update brings a sad end to any hope that Lumia users were holding on to. Dean Pattrick, Evangelist for MixRadio at Microsoft, also confirmed the change.

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MixRadio's unlimited streaming has been the highlight of the service, particularly for Indian users who long enjoyed unlimited download subscription free for a few months with a new device purchase, as well as affordable renewals afterwards. It worked well for a lot of us and you could download songs while on Wi-Fi and not run into huge data bills for streaming songs on the move.

FAQ - How can I renew my India MixRadio unlimited music download subscription?You will no-longer be able to purchase renewals for your unlimited download subscription via Operator Billing, Credit/Debit Card or Voucher as this feature is no-longer available.The streaming MixRadio service will still be functioning on your Lumia WP8 device without the unlimited download subscription, where you can enjoy all of your favorite artists and discover new ones.

MixRadio, like HERE navigation apps, are signature Lumia experiences and are popular amongst users, acting as impressive differentiators like Office for potential customers.

But this doesn't just affect MixRadio, the news also hurts the Windows Phone ecosystem in India as a whole. As it stands now, there's no way to download music on Windows Phone right now. While similar Indian services like WYNK, Saavn, et al do not have Windows Phone apps as yet, Xbox Music, like other popular global music services, is not available in India.

As it turns out now, offline mixes is the only saving grace. I'm a big fan of offline mixes, but the unlimited download subscription is the best of course. There's always unlimited streaming and it's pretty good, but I acknowledge that a lot of users prefer downloads over streaming. Bring on the outrage!

Thanks Clifford for the tip!

  • Noo Microsoft you are truly destroying Nokia's legacy.
  • xbox music not free anymore. nokia mix radio not paid anymore... wonder how those to situations could work out at the end... the only solution is to merge those services
  • If we can not Renew MixRadio Subscription then Price should be decreas. There should be a commitment if you are luanching a new phone at this level.... Really Totally disappointed who baught another lumia phones..   
  • True... I wonder why the fk they were adding new song albums in the store and there is a download button beside that. It's not that anyone is unwilling to pay for the service... Microsoft just abandoned one of their revenue source. Shame!!!
  • Whether they plan to kill mix radio ? Listen Microsoft, when mix radio and here map Is gone u can only dump ur device in ground and not in anyone's packet while considering India. mix radio Is available in n1 ?
  • So, I'm using my final 6 month subscription.... Sad,
  • Microsoft had a target to destroy the Nokia totally from very early days...
  • Oh gees, do you _really_ believe that? hrrhrh don't worry, the nurse will come by with your pills pretty soon
  • I am moving on from wp to nexus 6, at least I will be able to download free music using the pirate, because this company is becoming useless by the day, the best it can do is change names of its apps, remove all the good things like mix radio, screw Xbox music and videos with its silly updates, do nothing good to services like Skype, provide Cortana, office etc to android and apple..hahahaha! Long live ms keep screwing yourselves forever.
  • True.... Its the bitter truth Microsoft..... You guys are *ucking yourselves.....
  • @ S Choudhury. Good , we don't want you whining over every article, nor do we want confirmed illegal downloader criminals like you around the place. Bye, good luck in pikey Android land, it suits you.
  • hey man if u want to download pirated 320 kbps songs then use sky media player it is absolutely free beautifull apps eith livetile and artist background...
  • 1 - They are not destroying Nokia's legacy.  Nokia did that on their own.
    2 - They were upfront and said they wanted to sell off MixRadio
    3 - They most likely removed the unlimited download subscription because it wasn't popularly used, and can you imagine how expensive it is for them to maintain the licensing for that?  Not just streaming but downloading!  That's mad expensive.  So, it only makes sense until it gets more users.
  • Exactly. Looks like people here have a difficulty in understanding this. This will be very expensive for Microsoft to maintain licences if they want to allow unlimited downloads for such a low price. This has always been an unsustainable business.
  • If you have these two apps, you won't need mix radio. Check out "Music+" for Windows Phone
    Check out "MUSIC+" for Windows Phone
  • Download these two... Check out "Music+" for Windows Phone
    Check out "MUSIC+" for Windows Phone
  • Guys this one has been working near perfect for me since my subscription expired EDIT-just saw someone else also posted this
  • I expected this.
  • Same way this could have taken several months to fix...i believe ever since the acquisition, this was a planned change they were unwilling to bring out in the open...
  • I'm no longer interested in MixRadio. Since we don't have the service here in Nigeria.
    Will uninstall the app soon too.
  • You can change the Nokia account region to US and that way it'll work its exactly what I did to make it work in jordan
  • For real? Please how do I do that?
  • Go to sign in go to change basic info and then change the country and then save it
  • :') ahmedjan87 you are an angel in disguise ma brotha! Thanks for giving me back Mixradio man!
  • Thanks man! Working now.
  • What will work? The unlimited free downloads or paid unlimited downloads?
  • More like the offline mixes. @gudbrij
  • ohk :(
  • What will work? The unlimited free downloads or the paid unlimited downloads?
  • Keep it, it's a better music player than XBM
  • Good..better destroy everything
  • Deleting......
  • If we windows phone users are considered a joke... By the parent company itself... Then i think its time to show them how passionate we geeks are regarding our choices... Let all of us delete this app... At this very moment.... Make it an event worth putting on internet.... From might be millions of users to hardly some hundreds... Microsoft might learn some lessons from it... Or not... But worth a shot
  • MS could also destroy x box music beware.
  • They already did it
  • Yup
  • It's just getting worse and worse first Skype and now this...
  • its probably cos land rates are comparatively cheaper in India than in the US that Microsoft has decided to start digging its grave from here. ​ ​
  • Lol
  • Sorry to mess with your joke but land rates are actually higher in India as compared to the US. Its the cost of construction and living that is cheaper.
  • Why can't you just read the joke and move on.. I checked.. New York is ranked 6th and Mumbai is ranked 10 th in the list of most expensive real estate in the world.
    Your turn.
  • The renewal is disabled since April 2014... Cursing Nokia for the same from long time... Totally disappointed.
  • Make it free this is best app for download music
  • Now #Microsoft will merge Mix radio into #XboxMusic
  • Stop daydreaming buddy... !
  • or hopefully the other way around :)
  • Streaming music in India is really very difficult. I used to use 'gaana' app, but the app was very basic (around a year ago). Don't know if they improved it or not. Mix radio was a decent alternative but people would have to stick with free streaming now only with 6 skips per hour.
  • I used to use Gaana too. Especially after Dhingana got bankcrupt, Ganaa was the only option we had. But, such a horrible app!! Good news is, they are completely rewritting Ganaa app. They are bringing Gaana app to Xbox One too. In the process, they are going to rewrite app WP/W8 version of their app. I hope they release it soon.
  • Vlc beta is no longer accepting participants :-(
  • yeah, MS only accepts 10000 beta testers, so you're too late
  • What the... C'mon Microsoft......
  • Never on my phone...
  • Man this is bs. How strange no streaming service apart from mix radio. M consistently sending mails to Saavn to make apps for windows phone. There's no Vodafone music,, Xbox music, nothing. Hungama and gaana are our resources for streaming. How sad. Please windows central, forward our concerns to these popular streaming services developers and try to convince them,to make the app for windows.
  • Deezer?
  • That's not available in India.
  • They are not removing streaming, they are removing UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS.  That's too expensive for them to maintain in India if ppl are not using it.
  • Please do. I have been requesting Saavn too. But all they say is, "We are considering it"..
  • I'm infuriated over this.... There's no point in dropping that service....
    Seriously Microsoft??? You just killed one prime reason why I chose wp over android.....
  • +1
  • true that.
  • +1
  • Maybe the unlimited service was running losses...Music streaming in India is hardly profitable...Hell iTunes even accepted that...majority of the people revert to pirated sources to download music..
  • Truth had been spoken.. I 100% use only pirated music....
  • Hope you sleep better feeling not ashamed of piracy.
  • There used to be 0.001% like me who downloaded legal music at ₹300 for three months or so.....but no more. And the fact is that you can't afford to pay such premium prices for original soundtracks in a country with average annual income of $1600...
  • Its not a case of annual income or so. Ppl are willing to pay reasonable amount for legal music subscription like MixRadio. I think such foolish decisions will only promote piracy and illegal music downloads. Sad
  • Same here. Just realised, it was one of the only reason chosen windows over android.
  • Unlimited downloading is insanely expensive to license, especially internationally.  That's why iTunes and Google don't offer this either.  You can still stream music in MixRadio.  They are only killing off the downloading.
  • Really? You chose Windows Phone over Android so that you can download unlimited music for free forever?
  • Just upgraded to L630 from L710 and I'm one of the last ones to enjoy the service. Now I must download as many tracks as I can within 3 months.
  • Haha... All the best.,,
  • Chuck it. Scrapping Nokia. Going for nexus now. Used to spend hours on mix radio and listening music. RIP.
  • Nexus has free unlimited downloads on MixRadio? You don't say!
  • You anyway have to get some pirated music now. So why not on a better platform ??
  • No. You don't "have to" get pirated music. Pay for a service and then use it. I'm sure there are plenty of services that dish out music.
  • You can still buy music through iTunes in India. Just copy those songs to your Windows Phone. Why do you have to pirate music?
  • I was ready to pay for such quality service of Nokia. And then they dropped it. May be nexus 6, may be iPhone 6plus. But not windows now.
    A genuine supporter, jumping out of windows.
  • This is seriously frustrating step from Microsoft! India is a big developing market! They are planning suicide!
  • Right.... you obviously don't know how expensive it is to license UNLIMITED DOWNLOADING.  You can imagine how little the artists get paid, and how much the record labels were nickle and diming Microsoft.  This is why Apple and Google stayed away from that too.
  • I'm dumping WP now :@
  • Bye, you won't be missed!  If you're honestly going to leave a platform because of a downloading service that is harming both Microsoft and the music artists because of all the licensing costs then good ridance to you.  MixRadio still has unlimited straeming... it's only downloading that's gone. 
  • This is a VERY VERY SAD NEWS for me tbh coz I'm just addicted to MixRadio Unlimited Downloads it ends in Jan for me with my new Lumia 730. My 1st Lumia was 520 then came 730 and The best thing for me to cheer up was the free subscription I got with my new Lumia till Jan. I Even grabbed twice the 3 month subscription before it was put on hold till then I just waited with curiosity to use it again and now come this news ...... Seriously ?????????? THERE SHOULD NOT BE NEWS LIKE THIS MIXRADIO IS WHAT I LIKED FAR BETTER THAN ITUNES IN TERMS OF SONGS DOWNLOADS AND WITH THIS I CANT GRAB NEW SONGS. THERE UST BE AN OPTION FOR US TO KEEP USING THIS ITS VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING
  • THE BEGINNING OF THE END! Rest In Peace Nokia phone's good will. It looks like I have to start looking at Android options now, without MixRadio, Pureview and Here free offline navigation there is NO advantage of bleeding cash for a Lumia. Thanks for nothing Microsoftinthehead.
  • +1 Very true. This was a kind of USP which my frendz used to convince me buy a Lumia.
    It seems every such "attraction" factor for a lumia phone is getting scrapped gradually. Only one left is premium hardware quality of Nokia.
  • So you'll go for a laggy Android device and willing to risk your information being intercepted by Google because of the loss of one small MixRadio app is it?????
  • Laggy? Lets face it. You and I both know that many of the newer android devices are anything but laggy. And I'd be lying if I said I don't find Lollipop to be rather appealing.
  • What is the reason ???
  • The reason is this: -  MixRadio was only charging $5/month for unlimited DOWNLOADING (not just streaming, but downloading)
    -  That would make Microsoft bankrupt with how expensive those licensing fees are, this is why Apple and Google don't offer this either.
    -  Because of how low that rate was, Microsoft is not making any proft, and the music artists and labels are not making any money either.
    -  This service was not so popular in India anyway because of the high piracy rates.
    -   Now MixRadio will offer unlimited streaming music and playlists, which is still good in my opinion.  But you'll need to be on a good network or on a wifi network.
  • f**k you microsoft. thats it I'm done i am moving on to a different os!
  • Please let me know when you find free unlimited legal downloads on that different platform you are moving to.
  • It was not free. They charged $5 for 3 months. Now there is no legal way to download music. On Android there is Saavn, Guvera, Gaana, Wynk Music; any of which are not available on WP.
  • Gaana and Hungama are on WP.
  • Even if it's not free, MICROSOFT has to pay those licesning fees for your cheap rate.  Can you imagine how little the music artists are getting paid then?   you still get unlimited streaming, but DOWNLOADING is ridiculously expensive and this is why Apple and Goole stayed away from that too.  You can't find something like this on iOS or Android, so have fun.
  • I was first angry that MixRadio, which I use to download music quite often is removing the option. But thanks to you for explaining the issues. :)
  • One of the primary reasons why anyone chooses a windows phone device is because of add-ons like mix radio. If they take away a key feature like unlimited downloads, people are going to be unhappy. I wouldn't switch platforms for it but yes, I won't be happy.
  • Here In Brazil we didn't have the unlimited service. Just the normal. But here we have Spotify, Xbox Music, Deezer, Rdio... :(
  • Damn u lucky
  • This Is just unacceptable!
  • F**k you Microsoft.... This is the best part I loved about the Lumia but these American bastard ruined this...
  • Fuck
  • Tired of Windows phone. I am using iTunes for download and later transfer via laptop to WP. WP is next Blckbery
  • Someone call MixRadio Chief and make him read these comments.
  • India can pay you better without any music service windows phone is dead for Indians....please save mix radio and windows phone.
  • Since MixRadio is dead, Windows Phone is dead in India is it????? Illogical comment.
  • it will be then. this is fucking stupid y Microsoft did to those mix radio lovers. now we cant download songs at all.
  • If u r very logical please get this service back on WP and if such services are depleting then no body will buy a WP and everyone will go for either iPhone or android, So WP will b dead now please don't send a new message on this as I don't want to b logical as like u..
  • I think the planners at Microsoft secrelty work for other platforms
  • Wtf... Mix radio songs are so small in sizes.,.. Y did they do that.?
  • *not to mention low quality*
  • Hate Lumia. How many agree now?
  • Nobody u sadist..
  • That's seriously frustrating. As mixradio was the only way to download legal music.
  • I had mailed Microsoft regarding the query. All they said that the online renewal has been put to a hold due to some technical reasons. But the alternative was to visit a nokia priority dealer. I don't know even if it will work after this announcement.
  • It's too bad they don't care about us (The Users) now who would buy Nokia phones in India when you don't have some solid services like mix radio, clearly after the Nokia -Microsoft deal Nokia clearly sucks from the ground level
  • The rest of the world lost this service years ago. Just be happy that you had it for all the time you did.
    Personally, I just rely on the MixRadio playlist service. 4 offline playlists is all good....and completely free. A great service IMO
  • I think Microsoft is going to start it's own music streaming service I.e., Xbox Music Globally
  • That will be the day
  • All this patience for nothing....
  • Aaaarrrrrggghhh! Rant over.
  • I am dumping it and will make others do,they simply don't care the one best service we do have on wp and they are killing it fuck you ms
  • Dude download songs from uc browser what the problem.
  • One legal source please
  • This sucks!
  • Yo....India! You do realise that the rest of the world lost this service years ago...
    You were the privileged few to still have the service.
    Just be happy with the MixRadio playlist service...and if you NEED individual songs on your phone, just use Metrotube to cache the video.
  • How about "music sense"
  • It was unlisted a long ago.
  • What the.... But why?...
    That means it is with me till i reset/update my phone
  • Worst fucking move by Microsoft. A big fucking loss for us Indian Lumia users. Sigh!
  • Another beautiful service just destroyed.... First time seeing a company who don't want money from those who are ready to pay!...
  • Interestingly, my Lumia 925's subscription ended officially in Sep 14. However, I can still use the unlimited downloads feature till date without issues and without a renewal!
    What's more? I did a hard reset sometime back and thought that would finally kill my music subscription. It didn't. Am I the only lucky one here?
    I also have a new 630 and a year old 520. No such luck with those two devices though. Has this got to do something with higher end Lumias getting differential treatment?
    Hoping that my luck doesn't run out after posting this...
  • It had to go someday, honestly, as, the rest of the world had already lost it. We didn't expect it to stay forever after the deal, did we?
  • Microsoft will never be able to come any near in terms of trust and respect Nokia enjoyed in India. These actions are acting like fuel to the fire.
  • Really?
  • Dumping Microsoft Lumia 520 In garbage... Fuck Microsoft...we loved that thing now no longer u able to provide it... Man why....
  • What is your next phone? Please let us know what unlimited free music service they provide?
  • I paid for an Xbox music subscription where offline downloads still rarely work with the new app. So I cancelled it for Nokia. I think I'm finally going Android next time around - and ive stuck with WP since winmo 6 / 6.5 days.
  • And what will you use on Android?
  • There are many wynk,saavn,gaana have unlimited downloads with almost same subscription fee but those apps( gaana ,hungama) are way too ugly on windowsphone
  • That's called uniformity.BS.Why don't you produce surface phones and try your bald ideas.Just ruining everything for the rest of the world one by one.Cortana gone,Office apps gone,Here services gone,Iconic Nokia logo gone,Now mixRadio.[Sad].Who the hell will DIE for a Windows phone now?Same money can buy u a great hardware,influencal OS and alll the goodies you need.Upps I forgot,Nutella{Indian perhaps}'s wishing to stay in clouds!f**k MS.Go and rest in a cloud of USA. RIP
  • Don't trust Microsoft Windows now on.
  • These motherfuckers MS people will never understand the connect NOKIA had with INDIA....there was a tym i would proudly say I'm a Nokia user n people used to think hardcore quality n better services...n now when i say Nokia(aka Microsoft) people laugh at me for using this shit... The only two things i would say in my defence would be Nokia's hardware n Nokia's Mixradio service...Now mixradio subscription service been dead i think i would have to rethink my views to upgrade to M$ LUMIA 535 from my Nokia Lumia 620...
    there's no point in clinging on to this piece of shit OS where there no better n basic apps , no real games n no real care for the OS by MICROSHIT themselves...goodbye MSHIT die..
  • Hahaha man you need to get checkup
  • Why? Isn't that the truth? We lag behind when it comes to apps and games, the Nokia brand is gone, now key services are losing key features. I wouldn't switch platforms but I can understand why people are angry.
  • +1 There is no excitement now as there was when Nokia used to announce phones along with new apps and exclusives. They always kept WP in limelight. Now, No hubs, no native integration, better apps on other platforms, no exclusives like Here Maps, Office, MixRadio. On top of that no new flagships. Guess its finally the time to move.
  • I'm so sorry Nokia badly fucked up and went on loss year after year and that Microsoft that made profits everywhere, could afford to pay peanuts to whatever remained of that loss making Nokia.
  • Imagine what would have happened had Nokia gone for Android after those losses. It would be one of the topmost contenders for a giant like Samsung. Look what MS did to the company. Totally killed it. And now MS is so confused about everything that they can't decide what to keep and what not to. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sad, this was a nice service, the only option now is 'Hungama'
  • I wonder how someone can download music at all from mixradio then? Forget offline mixes...if you want to download an album, is there going to some form of limited subscription per month atleast...??
    Or is it going to be paying outright for each album or song?
  • Just tap on download, and it asks you to renew your subscription, which is not at all possible now.
  • Unexpected and Unfortunate for Lumia India!!
  • Noooooooooooo :'(
  • What the fuck. What is wrong with Microsoft. Don't kill Nokia MixRadio atleast. Oh fuck. Why don't you accept it while we are paying you people to download the songs. Fuck MS.
  • Im throwing my Windows Phone! In few days if they don't provide a good music download service
  • What's the new alternative on other new phone you will buy? Curious.
  • For me iphone 6 now!!!
  • Ok mr.rock... u are in such love with MS ,so let me know any 2 or 1 feature that is availabe in Lumia which is not in any other OS .. I am eager to know .. Cmon
  • Just because there is no more MixRadio, you want to dump your Windows Phone handset????? Even I'm upset with Microsoft's move (I bought Lumia 630 just for MixRadio, I could have gone for the Micromax Canvas Win 121 or Xolo Win q900s which had better features for a cheaper price), but dumping a phone and an OS just because of the loss of downloading from a music service is stupid. As if Android provides any good music downloading service.
  • Is this service available for other Nokia phones like x series Asha series
  • That day is not far when Microsoft will discontinue even this Windows Phone OS . Why spent time and money behind OS that's not growing. Instead make HQ apps for iOS and Android. Apple and Google will give bread and butter to Microsoft now. Idiot Microsoft.