You can now connect Gmail to Cortana for calendar, mail, and contact support

You can now connect Gmail to Cortana on Windows 10, providing access to aspects of your account with Microsoft's digital assistant. Like other connected services, connecting your Gmail account will allow you to use Cortana to quickly access information from your account, including support for your calendar, mail, and contacts.

To get started, you can add your account by clicking on the Windows 10 search bar and navigating to the Cortana Notebook section on the left side. From there, select "Connected Services" and "Add a Service." Gmail will be listed along with a number of other services. Simply select Gmail, then click "Connect." From there, you'll be prompted in a separate window to sign into your Gmail account and provide permission for Cortana to access and manage your email, Google Drive files, contacts, and calendars.

Gmail joins several other connected services available to Cortana, such as Knowmail, LinkedIn, Office 365, Outlook, Skype, and Dynamics CRM. Along with standard Cortana on your PC, connecting to Gmail will give Harman Kardon Invoke users access to information, such as multiple calendars, on the device.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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