You can now create custom stickers using Telegram Messenger Beta

Enjoy using stickers in your instant messaging app? You'll want to check out the latest update (version to Telegram Messenger Beta, which allows you to create custom sticker sets. Users will be able to design stickers with the help of the @stickers bot, and then be able to share their creations — such as this Animals sticker set — with their contacts.

These are the commands that are currently recognized by the @stickers bot:

  • /newstickerpack - create a new sticker pack
  • /addsticker - add a new sticker to an existing pack
  • /delsticker - remove a sticker from an existing pack
  • /ordersticker - reorder stickers in a pack
  • /cancel - cancel the current operation

If you're interested in creating new stickers, the bot provides guidelines on size and image format:

The image file should be in PNG format with a transparent layer and must fit into a 512x512 square (one of the sides must be 512px and the other 512px or less).The sticker should use white stroke and shadow, exactly like in this .PSD example

Telegram suggests you use the web version to upload your custom stickers. How many of you are interested in designing custom stickers?

Download Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone

QR: Telegram Messenger Beta

Thanks Abhishek, Aman and Akhilesh!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Finally! Man i have missed custom emoticons we used to have in msn!! Hope this works quite the same :3
  • Microsoft, please buy Telegram Messenger! :D
  • Remove beta its no more beta or else telegram developers are hard working calling the app still a beta version.
  • It's still beta, there's bugs that need ironing out. They are making great efforts, but it still lags when opening and takes a few seconds to update
  • If that's the case than so is Whatsapp.
  • This app is not very good for Mobile Network
  • Like the instagram developers.Oh wait...
  • Its totally equal with android and ios version so I don't get how its beta. In fact all these updates are coinciding with the ios and android updates.
  • 1080 support?
  • Available.
  • But still can't show your photos in landscape mode.
  • Oh my dear you cannot still type in landscape mode in Skype!
  • I want bacground picture on original messaging app on wp!! Like here! :/
  • This^^
  • Yes please
  • I installed this app after one day uninstalled sad that app has good potential to grow but has very less active users
  • Life story of WP
  • But this is available on IOS and Android too
  • Its not Platform thing..... Everyone one obessed and happy with WhatsApp and Hike
  • You should just have the people you speak with most download, the rest will come around later when they realize its absolutely free and most secure
  • I want pin code to start app or view secret charts
  • Don't know about stickers etc but this app is damn good though sometimes there is a bit of lag....but only rarely. Excellent app though and my friends are all on it!!!
  • Its my favourite app..
  • We still can't download images from a secret chat, when it's possible on Android, why?
  • Yes, it download images...
  • You can't save it on the phone, can you? I can only delete or view "shared media". On Android, you can save it on the device.
  • I think you can.
  • These kinda apps work only if you have your gang on it, but it doesnt reflect the quality of app and it can still be wonderful.
  • Oh yeah. Good ;)
  • Definitely a welcome feature!
    I miss the custom emoticons from the MSN days as well and skype doesn't really seem to deliver on that front. Glad to see Telegram following the trend and adding this feature, although adding them seems a bit cumbersome. Maybe an in-app sticker store or something (like the ones line and fb have) would be a better approach but for now I'm just grateful to have the feature. Also, while we're at it: please remove the "Beta" tag already. The app seems pretty functional, and I don't really see why it's still called beta when it's been out for a while now without any significant hiccups (although I can't for the life of me figure out how to make timed messages)
  • Still waiting background upload and download for chats, videos, files, etc
  • Keep waiting until Microsoft takes the restriction. Sadly, it's an OS thing.
  • This^^
  • Sorry for the late reply, but isn't a OS thing.
  • still, people around me are too close-minded to find Telegram 'featureless' 'unsafe' 'uninteresting'. They'll rather stick with WhatsApp even if i told them it is selling your chat data to advertisers, and utterly outdated selling-points.
  • I use this table to convince friends to switch to Telegram Quite efficient ^_^
  • Thanks Telegram
  • Microsoft should roll out microsoft office,Cortana with WhatsApp integration. Fb inc and microsoft should work closely on it.whatever happens ppl won't leave WhatsApp and Skype for small reasons. WhatsApp is part of everyone perosnal messaging and Skype is part of both personal as well as business part of life.
  • Seriously this is the best IM app yet, just sad I don't use it
  • Man this app is way way better than WhatsApp.. But there are less people using this app..
  • This is loved
  • Quick way to turn an image into a sticker is to send the image to Clippy. Enter the name in the search field, and the only result is the one to use.
  • Telegram has always been better than whatsapp on WindowsPhone...  I created some custom stickers last week.. Here is the link: ...
  • Next goal is to have animated stickers, just like LINE!
  • What does the "/stats" command represent? Is this the number of sending a stciker or viewing? Thanks!