You can now pre-order the Dell Visor for Windows Mixed Reality

Of the many Windows Mixed Reality headsets Microsoft is helping its partners launch alongside the big Fall Update, the Dell Visor truly stands out in the crowd. It's the only headset that doesn't contain some shade of black or grey, and one of three faceplates that actually shows some personality. Sure, that personality happens to be Marvin from Hitchikers Guide, but it's got a solid look to it and that's not nothing.

The Dell Visor is also finally available for pre-order, for those who wish to guarantee they will have this headset in hand when Windows Mixed Reality is fully available in the Fall Update.

Check out our full hands-on with the Dell Visor to learn more!

Those eager to grab the Dell Visor first can head to the Dell site and pre-order today, and you'll have one of two options. You can get just the headset for $349, or you can grab up the headset and motion controller bundle for $449. If you're not sure you want the motion controllers, you'll be able to add them later for $99.

Pre-orders will start shipping from Dell on October 17th, when the headset and controllers will also show up on shelves at Best Buy and Microsoft stores. Overall there's a lot to like about this headset, so if the Dell Visor is the one for you this pre-order is the best way to ensure you have it ready to go on launch day!

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