You can now save all of your tabs to a new collection in Edge Dev and Canary with a single click

Save All Tabs Collection
Save All Tabs Collection (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • You can now easily add all open tabs to a collection in Microsoft Edge.
  • The feature is available in the Dev and Canary versions of Microsoft Edge.
  • Right-clicking on a tab shows the option to add tabs to a new collection.

The latest Dev and Canary versions of Microsoft Edge have a handy new Collections feature. You can now right-click a tab and select the option to add all tabs to a new collection. The feature makes it easy to add an entire project worth of tabs into a collection. Microsoft's Candice Poon pointed out the new feature on Twitter earlier today.

Collections is a useful feature that's making its way back onto Microsoft Edge. It's not in the generally available version of the new Edge but is in the Dev and Canary versions. You can add drag images, websites, and other content into a collection. For example, if you're researching for a paper, you could have relevant images, text, and webpages into a collection. That way, you don't need to bookmark the content, but you can still easily access it.

Before the most recent update to the Dev and Canary versions of Edge, you had to add pages individually to a collection. Now, you can just add them in bulk, which is much faster.

The Edge Dev, Canary, and Beta channels are available to download now at the Edge Insider site. The release version is available to download as well at Microsoft's official Edge site.

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