Your Phone update makes it easier to respond to notifications for Insiders

Your Phone Companion Android
Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Your Phone app now supports responding to notifications within the app's notification page for Insiders.
  • Previously, the app only let you view notifications in this page or to reply through toasts.
  • Several Android apps support replying to notifications while their Windows 10 counterparts do not.

Microsoft's Your Phone app now supports responding to notifications from the notifications page for Insiders. The new feature makes it easier to respond to notifications and means you don't have to use a toast notification to respond to a notification in the Your Phone app.

Your Phone allows you to sync notifications and other content from your smartphone to your PC. These notifications allow you to keep your phone in your pocket, but until recently, the only way to respond to them was through toast notifications. These allowed you to reply to messages and other notifications quickly, but the notifications page of the app was only for viewing notitications.

How-to manage notifications for Your Phone and Windows 10 and avoid duplicate notifications

Notifications in the Your Phone app are often better than native Windows 10 notifications. Many developers have not implemented quick replies to notifications for Windows apps but have done so for Android. For example, Facebook's Windows 10 app will show you a message but not let you respond to it from a notification. The Android version of the app, however, supports quick replies from notifications and these work through the Your Phone app.

Aarthi Hatter, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft shared the news of the new feature on Twitter. The feature is available for Insiders now.

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  • What version of the app does "now supports" refer to?
  • People on the latest Insider build. The senior program manager hashtagged Insiders in her tweet.
  • So it's not an app update for insiders, but only back-end?
  • Yea this is something I have noticed, as an insider I don't see Windows Apps being updated regularly as the Android apps do. exp: facebook, Instagram, etc... Developers are forgetting Windows Apps just like they did for Windows Phone. Why?
  • The vast majority of people just use those web services on a web browser when they're on a PC.
  • Gatanui is correct. In addition to people using handheld devices almost all the time so there's no reason for a developer to develop for PC just as they pretty much don't develop for Mac. The PC has just basically become a platform to do work. The PC for the consumer market has pretty much disappeared.
  • They seem to have broke/removed MMS with a recent Insider update. I no longer have the ability to add images to my messages.
  • Looking forward to getting this update when it becomes generally available. Windows Central people, I tried going to the link referenced in this article with the title, "How-to manage notifications for Your Phone and Windows 10 and avoid duplicate notifications", URL: It failed. I got an Access Denied error message.