Microsoft's Your Phone might be pre-installed on some Samsung devices

Your Phone companion
Your Phone companion (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Your Phone could be pre-installed on some future Samsung devices according to a new report.
  • Samsung already partners with Microsoft on pre-installing some Microsoft software.
  • The Your Phone app has shipped some features exclusively to Samsung phones for testing.

The Your Phone app and other Microsoft apps could be pre-installed on some Samsung devices according to a report from ZDNet. The report claims that Microsoft and Samsung recently updated their partnership agreement and that the updated agreement could lead to some Samsung devices shipping with Microsoft apps pre-installed, including the Your Phone app.

Samsung Unpacked is next week, and it's expected that the Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled at the event. According to the the report from Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft will be on stage as well at the event. Microsoft will reportedly show off how several Microsoft apps will work on Samsung phones.

Microsoft has worked with Samsung more and more over the last few years. Some Samsung devices already ship with Microsoft productivity apps pre-installed. Additionally, some Your Phone features have been publicly beta-tested exclusively on Samsung devices. When screen mirroring launched, it only worked with select Samsung Galaxy phones.

While an updated deal hasn't been confirmed publicly by Microsoft or Samsung, it wouldn't be surprising to see the two companies continue to pair up. Microsoft has invested quite a few resources into Your Phone and is expanding the team that makes it.

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  • There's a lot of things pre-installed on Samsung devices.
  • Lol true but this one I actually want.
  • Why? It really does nothing significant. The "pictures" thing is as lame as it gets. If you have your pictures automatically sync'd to OneDrive you already have access to the pictures any time, anywhere.
  • Because it works about as well as Cortana/Skype did for giving you SMS on PC?
  • Because I find it useful?
  • I've been happy with the app, it started out a bit unreliable but it works very fast and reliably for me now. I use it on Pixel 3xl
  • This app started out very badly and was very unstable but it's come a long way since then. It's very useful
  • I just want them to update the drivers on my Surface so that it supports Bluetooth LE so I can get screen mirroring.
  • They recently updated BT drivers and screen mirroring works on my Surface Pro LTE and Note 9. It's not the greatest experience though.
  • What about a Samsung Flow? Are they going to ax that?
  • This all sounds nice, but how is having the apps pre-installed an advantage over just downloading them from the app store? Will the apps have unique features that only Samsung phones can use? I mean, if Samsung and Google allowed you to switch out Bixby for Cortana and have voice activation, regardless of what app you're in , that would be useful.
  • This move is for newbies which are the same people that omyl download the same apps
  • The fewer barriers between a user and a product the more likely they are to use it. Many users might not be aware that Cortana is available outside of Windows. The article states that Samsung devices have been given exclusive/early features. You can set Cortana as your default voice assistant on Android if you want. I'm not sure if they've added voice activation, but Cortana is a dead product at this point. Microsoft is putting more effort into Alexa integration than Cortana. It's a similar feeling to when MS said Windows Mobile wasn't dead, but they weren't actively developing for it. Cortana has been decoupled from Windows 10 search and is now an app in the Microsoft Store.
  • Yes, I'm aware of Cortana on Android and use it through the MS Launcher. Just FYI... It does have voice activation, but only while the phone is unlocked and on the homescreen. Unlike Windows Mobile 10, Cortana is still actively being worked on. However, the way I see things going, as you've mentioned, they seem to be working in Alexa integration more thoroughly. I mentioned this in another article a while back, but it feels as if MS is working towards full integration. Ultimately, I believe that the two will be completely merged. Now, the thing is who will have control of it and what name will it carry. It may seem unlikely, but the little things seem to point in that direction.
  • The idea is to saturate your phone with MS stuff so that you are a targeted captive audience. Else, people by default will use Google stuff.
  • I don't want this. Samsung's SideSync is well ahead of Microsoft's Your Phone. As long as it's possible to uninstall it and not just disable, fine add it.
  • It needs to work transparently like Apple devices do, and without a noticeable hit to battery life. It also shouldn't require a Microsoft account signing on PC. Otherwise, it's useless to me. It needs to to just work, and be optimized and built into the device FW so that things just flow from the stock Samsung devices. Even then, US carriers are likely to remove it, so it won't be something many here can really take advantage of. Guess they're stuck with the current sloppy solution. IMO, Samsung is better off developing an account and cloud app for Windows 10 that syncs things down from your Samsung account. I actually prefer they do it than Microsoft, since I don't want an extra account just for this. Alternative being - I take my iMac out of the closet and go back to the iPhone (I'll probably do that, instead). Apple seems to have long solved this issue (since 2014). Microsoft was dumb to try Windows Phone/Mobile instead of just attempting a custom Android distro, IMO.