YuleTile celebrates the festive season with free Windows Phone Christmas card

We previously touched on YuleTile, an app to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. According to the developer, Mendzapp, 10% of the revenue earned from sales of YuleTile will be donated to charity (Railway Children). But if the app and charity donations weren't enough to put you in a good mood, how about a Windows Phone Christmas card design? That's right, now you can send Metro UI festive cards to family and friends.

If you're not aware of YuleTile, it's a Christmas advent calendar app that features wallpapers, ringtones and an ingenious use of the live tiles. Each day the live tile updates to show the appropriate advent window. From here the app can be entered, window opened and one of the twenty-five hand-painted images revealed. This image is now featured on your home-screen until tomorrow’s window is ready to be opened. Really neat for all those Scrooges.

Head on over to MyKindofPhone's Posterous page below to download the design. You can download YuleTile from the Marketplace for 79p ($0.99), remember that 10% goes to a good cause.

Source: Windows Phone UK

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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