Zenzui is Zumobi, Still Chock Full of Tiled-Browsing Goodness

It looks like the folks who were making ZenZui (which we wrote about before) decided that “ZenZui” doesn't mean much - so ZenZui becomes Zumobi. That's “Zoom” and “Mobile” crammed together - which is awfully clever.

Nothing else about the “display web content in zoomable tiles instead of traditional browser windows” idea has changed if their snazzy flash demo is to be believed. What is different (and what's actually news here) is that they're finally going to be offering a public beta on December 14th.

They'll also be offering a “Zumobi SDK” so developers (and hopefully sub-developed-developers like little old me) will be able to create their own tiles for the platform.

Read: Zumobi via Jason Landridge

WC Staff