Zoom is adding ads to some meetings, here's who will be affected

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Zoom App Windows 11 Store (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Zoom is testing a program that will show ads at the end of meetings for free users.
  • Initially, the ads will show up on the browser page that appears after a meeting concludes.
  • Zoom emphasizes that it will not use meeting data for third-party advertising purposes.

Zoom meetings for free users could soon feature ads when they conclude. In a blog post, Zoom announced that it's piloting a program that will show banner ads on the webpage that appears after a meeting. Ads will only appear for free Basic users in certain countries at this time, though Zoom did not specify which countries.

Based on the wording in Zoom's blog post, there's potential for an expansion of ads into other areas. "For this initial program, ads will be rolled out only on the browser page users see once they end their meeting," explains the company. The post shows an example of a browser page with an ad.

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Zoom's marketing officer Janine Pelosi explains that the move will help Zoom to continue to deliver a free experience:

We are incredibly proud to provide a service that helps so many people around the world stay connected. This change ensures that our free Basic users are able to continue connecting with friends, family, and colleagues with the same robust platform we have always offered.

Zoom emphasized in its blog post that it "will not use meeting, webinar, or messaging content (specifically, audio, video, files, and messages) for any marketing, promotions, or third-party advertising purposes."

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  • This is a little sad. Zoom's spectacular success and all the rapid innovation that went into it during the pandemic look like it may all be for naught. This is the kind of solution that is best done by big tech companies that have something else to offer and integrate into (such as Teams + Office + Outlook). Microsoft's going to eat their lunch.
  • Zoom just sucks.
    Slow and clunky. Ever since Teams got its act together there is pretty much little reason to use Zoom.
  • Unacceptable. If Zoom does this, we will move to Teams.
  • Its not if they do it brotha, it's when they do it. Lol.... And Teams is by far better. Give it a shot and you'll see. 👍
  • I will stick with Skype.
  • Put this under the title: "How to destroy your business model in one fell swoop." This will drive people from the Zoom platform in droves if they do it, which they will.
    Have to keep the "investors" happy and the stock price up by "driving revenue".
  • They can't help it. How else are they going to make money if not though casual users? Zoom's fate was sealed before the company was even born. They're outcompeted at the institutional, paying end by Teams and at the low end by Facetime and other free chat clients for more limited usage.
  • I will stick with Discord.