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3 reasons you should get your kid a Windows Phone

Looking to get your kid a cellphone? Skip the feature phone and give them a smartphone, but not just any smartphone – a Windows Phone. It's an amazing platform with a handful of models that make it the ideal first smartphone. Here's why I think your kid's first phone should be Windows Phone.

You're always in control

Microsoft has a feature called Family Safety that allows parents to set up accounts for their kids. As a parent, you can choose what limits and permissions your kids have, plus you can get activity reports for their PC use.

Microsoft's Family Safety feature carries over to Windows Phone and allows you to choose the types of app downloads your kids can get. For example, you can set it up so that they can only download free games with a certain rating. This way you don't need to worry about them accidently buying a $5 game that's too mature for their age.

Even Microsoft's personal voice assistant Cortana has age restrictions, making sure they do not veer too far off into the internets.

Find a lost phone (or your kid)

Kids lose stuff all the time, which isn't a big deal on Windows Phone. You can locate a lost phone simply by going to the Windows Phone website. You can ring, lock or show your phone on a map. A handy feature when your kid misplaces the phone. You could also use it to keep tabs on your kids, but that's between you and your kids.

Great phones are inexpensive

Does your kid want an iPhone? The cheapest model is the iPhone 5c. That gives you 16GB for $99, but that's the on-contract pricing. The actual cost of the phone is $550. That's expensive when compared to phones like the newly-announced Lumia 635 or Lumia 530. Both phones perfect for kids. They can take a beating but won't beat your wallet.

The Lumia 635 can be found for just $129 at the Microsoft Store without a contract. That's a good deal. Especially when you consider how kids can be with electronics.

Finally, if you are a parent with a Windows Phone, feel free to setup and use Kid's Corner and then toss them the phone. You can restrict what apps they use, prevent them from buying games, or browsing the web. Total control and piece of mind!

Have a kid with a Windows Phone? Let us know why you chose it over others!


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3 reasons you should get your kid a Windows Phone



Let's face it WP doesn't come close to the Apps/Games that are available on the iPhone/Android. I guess some of the games have made it through but there are still a lot of official apps that are missing. Kids care about these things and they want to be socially active with their friends. Using a windows phone truly does make you miss out on the fun. I guess things are getting better now but when the phone doesn't have "hot right now" apps/games the kid isn't going to be very happy with the phone. Not all kids want this but I think it covers most kids. The UI thing is entirely subjective different people have different likes so can't really compare things there. I like all three UI's but I found the WP one to be most efficient so I chose WP.

I take it you were the kind of kid that demanded everything and got it. This view point is one of the things that's wrong with the modern world. Kids should be glad they even got anything. They don't need to play every mobile game out there, perhaps they shold spend more tme studying.

+1020. Just this. Parents forgot they need to teach limits to kids, and give education. Unfortunately, some parents just want the kids entertained by the gadgets, so they don't take parents time.

this is an intentionally misleading article. there are no real parental controls for the children on windows phone plastform there is a fully functional web brows which can allow kids to view innaproiate websites and there is no way block them or filter them. the browser cant even be uninstalled. Windows phone is the worst platform for children in terms of parental controls. It is a great platform but doesnt offer any parental controlls that matter. Microsofts cheap smartphones are great but not for children as they can access the web with no filters and view innapropiate material this article should be taken down as it will lead to parents to making misinformed decisions and end up hurting their children. please microsoft offer real parental controlls like apple and a k9 web browser!

True, you can't uninstall IE, but you can make it unavailable in kids corner and anything else on the phone that you choose for that matter.

You can control by simply,loggin in and the account settings, if you have list of parental contol will appear or you can create under the name of your child.

Incorrect. You need to setup a Microsoft kid-account (which is connected to a parent's account), and you as a parent can set GLOBAL limits to what the kid can see on the web or buy/download from the store. If the kid now gets a phone and logs on with his kid-account, all these limitation will be set on the phone as well. So the kid will not be able to browse dubious websites on the phone due to ACCOUNT limitations.

If you create a full normal account for your child, this obviously does NOT work...

i have tried this and it doesn't offer any way of protecting children from inappropriate websites or controlling their access to certain apps. also kids corner doesn't help if you want your child to use it as a phone. If i am incorrect please post a link with instructions how to do so would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, I have to correct my previous statement and admit you are right. And "unfortunately" because I would have expected Microsoft to include this functionality. You CAN limit download of apps (none, only free, all), but again there is no content filter.

Setting up a kid account on the pc and then adjusting the family safety settings on the web, you can control the websites a child visits on the pc, but unfortunately this webfilter is not synchronised to the cell phone. VERY BAD! It was an important detail I missed.

This is the most complete article I have read today on child safety on Windows devices:

However, when you read the article you come across this link, which indicates, that Microsoft might already have plans to implement webfiltering on Windows Phone 8.1 or future versions.

I have set up a kid account to try, but since I do not have a second Windows Phone I could not try if webfiltering works for the phone with the kid account. You could give it a try if you have a Windows 8.1 PC and Windows Phone 8.1 device.

I got my first Christmas gift when I was 16. I've never received pocket money in my life. Just a couple of things about me. That sure sounds like a spoiled kid to me. Please don't judge me.

Let kids(>8) interact with the world, get interested in technology! Schools don't teach you a lot about technology. To me they seem stuck in a cycle that fails to evolve as things around them change everyday. Education is very important as it gives us a fundamental understanding of most things. It is essential, but so is being aware of what is going on in the world.

Don't bother replying. They just need to blindly defend WP. Unfortunately, given the platform's shortcomings, sometimes that's only possible by attacking someone who is making a fair point.

Perhaps they don't need a smartphone at all, but if you are going to get one, might as well consider what Derek said.

They don't NEED a smartphone at all, a feature phone will do the trick. As long as you can call/text/locate your kid in an emergency that's all that matters. But, I guess people who are older are implenting their bringing up on their kids. The parents had toys when they were kids, gadgets are toys for kids these days. They're also a lot more affordable and accesible. It's just a more advanced toy.

Which also included a personal comment about me which had nothing to do with what I commented about. I commented about WP for kids, not whether kids deserve to own a phone or how parents need to look after their kids. That's not my business.

Stop taking things on the internet seriously. I do not know you. My comment as far as i'm conserened is directed at a facless drone on the web. Now, go watch Derek and come back when you're done :)

I am inclined to agree with Derek. While I don't disagree with your premise, KevC4D, it didn't need to start with "I take it you were the kind of kid...." That makes it personal, which wasn't necessary to your point. The entitlement exhibited by many, not all, kids today, is valid and didn't require you to suggest Derek was such a kid.

Lol, while you are right, maybe kids don't need a smart phone that distracts them. I got my 720, and have never been more productive in my life. It's all up to the parents.

My kid is 10 and has his own latest generation iPad Mini... you know what, he still prefers his Windows Phone, because it has enough games for him. I agree that some kids absolutely HAVE to have the same games that others do, but just like adults are different, kids are too. There are tons of games that are fun for kids available. To be honest, I think it's mostly adults that are upset that they don't get to play Candy Crush Saga.

I personally never felt that I wanted to have an app/game that was available on another platform I guess I just wasn't bothered by it. Of course, it is nice to see some of them come over to WP. I'm speaking from my experience here and I felt that about 12-16 (18 depending on the individual) is the age where you want to be in with the crowd and be "normal". They like having things that their friends enjoy or what they think is cool.

I agree with you about the candy crush thing! I gave up after the first 2 levels, my mother however is on lever 3xx or even higher? She absolutely loves that game! and I like the fact that my mum plays a game to relax herself. 

I agree kids like certain apps especially in Jr high and high school but I mean my little brother has been ok with his Nokia 520 after having and HTC one x and iPhone so eh lol

I love WP too, using android for few weeks and suffer from too much lagging. Waiting for the big update from Microsoft! I really wish that I'm able to record voice conversation with the latest update of WP. Keep me waiting for this feature makes me want to move into another platform. Perhaps next time iOS ?

My dad just got himself an S5 and I've been playing with it for a long time now. Love the phone and the little things it has (3D touch, gestures, Eye sensor? the things that pauses a video if you look away from the screen) but I was disappointed when it came to performance while gaming. I played Royal Revolt 2 on it and it was quite laggy, I don't understand the cause as the phone is very capable of running this game smoothly. It just seemed odd. My 920 runs it buttery smooth. 

Android is very fragmented in graphics chips that makes it harder for developers to optimize for all different types of chips. Windows Phone pretty much only uses Adreno. Same with iPhones, only with PowerVR SGX graphics chips.

I don't understand this comment: "I played Royal Revolt 2 on it and it was quite laggy, I don't understand the cause as the phone is very capable of running this game smoothly" because the phone is either capable of running it without lag or it's not capable of doing that. Whatever the reason might be, if it lags, then it's not capable of running the game correctly.

I guess so. But my initial thought was that low end Android hardware caused most games/apps to lag but since I had the latest from Samsung I thought everything would run smoothly. I was wrong. 

I disagree, not all kids are mindless trend followers. In fact there is now a backlash against iPhone amongst young teens. My kid just switched from iphone to WP and loves it because the iPhone kids are snobs, according to her.

I agree with you :) I did say "Not all kids want this but I think it covers most kids"

It's nice to hear kids making a choice for themselves and not based on what their friends/media thinks is cool. I guess It's a good sign of self confidence

Lol your kid is awesome! I'm tired of seeing 6 year olds holding iPhones whilst whining about how their parents never get them anything. I never had a smartphone until I saved up and got it myself, that's how kids should be taught. Earn it.

Well, as for social media, WP phone has apps for the major ones instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, kik, WhatsApp, BBM, and Twitter, if they are into that. I've observed from my kids and the kids they hang around, messaging apps that don't require actual cellphone service is the new hot thing. They can text as much as they want, when connected to Wi-Fi. One surprising thing I've noticed, too, kids don't care as much about the games as we adults do. Go figure. Most of the kids I've asked say that they only have a couple to a few games on their phones. Music and video apps such as, Netflix, Vemeo, and Showbox are the hot ones. Although, Showbox isn't on WP, but it is popular, because it allows people to watch movies still in the theater. I dont condone apps like this, but they are popular.

Yes, Windows Phone covers the basic apps that a teen might use, if you include third-party apps the list gets a bit bigger. I've noticed this too, I tend to still text my friends via the messaging app reserving the Apps using Wifi/cellular data for friends who live overseas. But, I get what they're doing since it does a lot more for a lot less than traditional texting. I've loved games since I was a kid, I've spent too long blowing on cartdridges and having fights with my friends to be first person :P I'll never get bored of games. I know Netflix is huge all though it's not my cup of tea, I get the hype around it. But, yes WP is far from a bad phone for kids and the proof is the increased numbers of the Lumia 520/525 and htc 8s' I'm seeing in kids hands.

To be honest, you might absolutely right about the apps/games thing because all of my freinds just bought an androids phones just so they can download n play clash of seems kinda lame excuse but its the truth...and i'm the only one that using windows phone (L1520) just because the big screen, no lag, insane battery life, camera and because I LOVE NOKIA! :P

Ahh I remember when my friends were starting a clan.. They've done well and I obviously couldn't be a part since I had a 920, but I see why they liked the game, it's actually pretty fun (If you enjoy MMO startegy games). The lag issue on a high end android device (S5) really caught me off guard. My 920 runs games smoother and it's a year and a bit older. That's the only thing that I didn't like on the S5.

How do you manage to handle a phone that big? I'm used to the 920s 4.5 screen and using a 5.1' device gave my thumbs some excercise. My next phone will probably be a 5' model, I'm just hoping that I get the hang of it.

Point no 1) kids need parent's time not a phone 

No 2) If you are giving a phone to a kid, it should be just for his communication need and not to SOCIALIZE as you say or PLAY GAMES OR APPS, if they want to socialize they should go out and meet real people , and if they wanna play there are playground

So teach your kids instead to meet and play instead of just giving them Ishit or lagdroid :P

1) I'm sure kids can have both, you can play games together, do plenty of actiivties together and find nice things together. You can go on trips are take pictures together. The phone allows the kids to access a whole new world and they need someone to experience this with. This is where the parents come in, they need to be there looking over and explaining things to their kids. They shouldn't be stopping them from exploring their minds. Saying 'no you don't want that' will only make them more curious. Just let them experience things and they will get used to it and you won't have to worry about your kid hiding anything from you. Just make sure that you let your kid know what they are doiong right or wrong. 

2) In a time like this there aren't many kids out on the playground, I don't think that's going to change. Also, kids do things together when they can communicate via the phone, they go out, sleepovers, play football with friends all by organising it all through their phone or some sort of communicating device. There are many ways to communicate with your friends than to physically play outside in a place which seems to be getting scarier by the day. Multiplayer gaming is one of the best ways to grow your friendship with your friend. 

If your worried about safety, you're not going to win by hiding things from your kid. You can block things on the internet, you can explain things to your kid and you will have a record of what your child is doing. When your kid goes outside the house and you're not around there are a lot more worse things that can happen. I'm not paranoid I'm just saying.

This is my opinion, based on how I was raised. I'm glad to have parents who have let me experience the world as it evolved. 

edit: I kinda regret replying to you since the account was created in the today/yesterday but hey, there it is.

Tried. He actually wanted one until he found out none of the big games were out for it or take half a year to get them. Unfortunate. Even at 11 though, he realized the UI/OS was better than iOS.

Yeah parents can try, but the kids want apps, but than again if they want another phone they can buy one themselves

That will impact Windows Phone owners regardless of age. Let companies and developers know you want to see their apps/games on Windows Phone.

On the nose Sam! I've had all of my kids using WP, my 11 year being our last, has fully embraced the idea of contacting both companies and developers to bring their games/apps to WP. He's quite articulate and it's a fantastic example and practice of taking initiative. Having used the 7 Pro, L900, L920, and now on the L1520 has given him a good understanding of the progression WP's growing capabilities. This level of usage and participation in trying to help grow the WP Store has him motivated to tell his friends, teachers, and pretty much anyone who will listen. He did a presentation for his school on WP for example, I recorded it and that video was viewed over 12,000 times online! Our children can have massive impacts when their energy is channeled in a positive way. :)

Excellent example that there's no such thing as "all kids". I've seen the fan art that your son does and I don't think he feels like he's "missing out". I think that kind of attitude is often reflective of the parents. Kids are awesome and's the parents who have all of lifes baggage to deal with.

Halo and Modern Combat aren't "big games"?  I find this excuse to just be iEnvy because we don't have all of the SAME games. 

Those games might be inappropriate for an 11 year old. I don't know as I don't have kids.  Is that too old for all the Disney games? We get those right away.  The Dreamworks Dragon game is a WP exclusive that can't be had on other platforms either.  

Kids between 10 and 14 don't care about Modern Combat or Halo, especially on a smartphone... they play Minecraft or Clash of Clans - both not available on WP... unfortunately...
I would love to buy a WP to my girlfriend’s son, but without these apps... no way!

Again, I wouldn't generalize ALL kids or the parents that will be buying this.  I can't even imagine telling my mom that it doesn't have (insert fad game) so I don't want it.  I mean, I wouldn't have it, but I wouldn't have anything else either. Besides, I was a LEADER as a kid and didn't always follow the flock.  So, what may be true for the kid(s) you know is not universal.

This is STILL a great article with great reasons for buying a great phone for great kids. 

Another one that can only insult when someone disagrees with them. Try a logical counterpoint.  Both of you really need to learn meanings of words before you try them out in public.

Here's the thing - there are so many platforms to play games on that they don't have to play them on their phone all the time. You can literally buy an iPad mini AND a Windows Phone, NOT be under contract and pay less than for an iPhone!

Actually, my son loves Halo and so do MANY of his friends. This alone, has made his friends consider WP. He plays Minecraft as well and as you said, not available for WP. Just like most WP owners, has found something else in place of. He plays Survivalcraft and in all honesty has all but forgotten about MC on our Xbox. He's had the opportunity to try out Clash of Clans(which very few in his age group play, I think you'd be surprised how many adults are playing) and ended up playing Reel Steel(which is available) instead. Fast paced games are what kids are into, MC seems to be the exception to that rule, perhaps because Slendeman is involved. If either my son or I can be of any help let me know. My son is great at finding the latest and greatest!

Your really privy to the new hip things and I respect that... Keep your finger on the pulse like you have been man

Yeah. I love my kids but they get what we can afford. I'm not signing a contact to get them the latest and greatest for the $99 ripoff special and certainly not just so they can play 99 cent games.


Kid1 has an older model Nokia running WP7.x, and has had no problems figuring out alternative apps similar to what the iDroid kids use. Thanks to the new TMo family plan, we'll add Kid2 and pay less than we do now. We'll buy both phones at the Microsoft Store, and then have the kids pay us back over time.

So right! He gets what you give him. My kids get whatever I give them, which is a Windows Phone that was one of my old phones.

Maybe I'm missing something here... My kids are 6 and 13, they do as I say and I said you get a Lumia, and you Lumia; heck everyone gets a Lumia. I don't care what games aren't available. What I care about is my ability to make contact with them and vice versa. When it comes to our children and spending, it's a dictatorship; there will only be democracy when they earn their own dough. I'm not saying we wouldn't things they are for; we do but the buck stops with us; their parents.

My wife and I sincerely apoligize for being terrible parents.

Dude, we think alike. You and your wife are good parents. You know how I know? Because you're actively Being a parent. Kids need rules and boundaries. They need adults that are wiser and more experienced to look out for them. I say "rock on" too the both if you.

Don't listen to Pureview tell you how to parent. You're doing what you think is best and I tend to agree with you. I wasn't coddled nor expected to get everything I thought I had to have and I grew up with gratitude for what I did have. I also never, ever feel entitled or missing out if someone had something I don't. You 100% don't need to apologize, sarcastically or not.

Dalydose I expecting comments such as PureView's, hence the reason for my sarcastic apology. There are more important values for me to pass unto my kids.

I grew up old school, in a single parent home. I know what it's like to not have things while my friends did. I'm the same kid the lived with my mom, sister and grandma under my grandma's friend cottage, with curtains blocking out the nightly wind chill, while we slept on plywood with pieces of cardboard.

While in primary school, I would leave home 7:30am and walk two miles to school which lasted until 6pm (after school classes) then walk back home with nothing to eat all day; and it continued throughout high school. I took a summer job to assist my in buying our back-to-school supplies. So I wasn't exactly born with a gold spoon in my mouth. Yet I never did anything untoward to improve my livelihood. My mom and grandma thought us contentment and to be forever grateful for whatever we have; to always see the glass as being half-full instead of half-empty.

Today at the age of 36, you would never know that I'm that same person, I've achieved so much not because I've been so good, but because God has been and continues to be good to my family and I. So I'll be damn if my kids were to dictate to me what they should and shouldn't have,

Okay enough, I'm tired typing.

I'm 14 and I don't give a big damn about apps and games. Halo Spartan Assault and Modern Combat 4 with Xbox Support beats everything. Most apps which are on iOS, Android look better on Windows Phone (I said most, not all - I realize the state of imdb etc.)  The UI is cleaner and much more customizable. GDR 1 makes this phone even better than it is. The Action Centre is cleaner (Androids is a total mess). Cortana has more features as a Beta over iOS and Android. Been a Windows Phone User since 2010. I have a Surface 2, Lumia 1020, a Windows 8.1 PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. And I think the Windows platforms are getting to little love.

I agree, this platform is the most misunderstood and underrated (especially in America) out there but thanks to awesome kids like you that know a good thing when you see it, the platform will keep growing and evolving and hopefully more people will respect and appreciate Microsoft's modern unified vision.

What? You aren't doing what "all kids" do? You aren't jealous of your friends with their iPhones? You're confident and mature enough to love what you do have?? GOOD FOR YOU! There are people posting here that don't think you could exist. :)

Depends how mature the kid is and how much responsibility he's demonstrated he can handle. I had my own lever action .22 and hunting squirrels in a two mile radius of home when I was 8. Granted, we were dirt poor and I was helping put food on the table.

Seriously hahahah I have an Ativ S (got for 150$ off contract) with a GS3 camera lens because its original broke and I was cheap so bought it for 3$ to make a very ghetto solution :P. Cheap life hahah

Wonderful article and good points. As a parent I love the control I'll have over my child's phone once she comes of age.

I'm actually thinking of getting my dad a 520, my older bro recently gave him an Galaxy S2. I asked him which is more simple my 920 or that phone in your hand. He immediately said the s2 from looking at the home screen, after a altering the layout with just three apps (phone, messaging and people hub) and turning off the show more tiles option. I asked him again showing my phone and he picked the 920. So i let him use it for a few hours and I said he prefered mine but it was heavy. Lol, that was expected his coming from an LG dumb phone that can't hold more than 100 texts. His had enough of the SMS being full, before we couldn't force him to upgrade lol.. Now his singing a different tune :P. Next step, introduction to Cortana and Bing :P.

OMG, much of the same thing happened with me and my dad and older brother lol. This is actually quite eerie lol. I have a 920 and my brother got my technoligically illliterate dad a Samasung S5 after his Nokia N70 fell in a pond and stopped working lol. He had his Nokia N70 for over 8 years and was dumbfounded by the idea of a smartphone and, worse yet, one with the UI of Android. I showed him my 920 and he immediately told me it's "much simpler" and cleaner but also didn't like the weight/bulkyness. He likes smaller phones, though, so I'm sure he'll like the L520 as a gift.

Microsoft needs to bring out the family sharing features - buy apps once, install on several phones.

Even OneDrive is totally weak in this respect - I want  to share a folder with my wife (Photos) so we can both have access to the family pics.  Not possible!

There is web sharing, sure, but I want the Folder to appear shared on two PCs... then whoever downloads the pics from the camera can put them in there.  Etc.

It needs to be a OneDrive folder, that we both see on Windows 8 PC, tablet, phone etc.

Rooms do not work/show with my Desktop PC OneDrive area for photos, so I put nothing in there.  No where in my PC do I see these files as I use the Rooms feature with my wife already for Note Lists.

Hi realwarder, rooms are 'just' folders in OneDrive. You should see them in both the OneDrive App if using Win8.1 or Tablet. Works fine with me

apps is tied to account... apps is sharable only if same account used on different phones... unfortunately for family accounts needs different accounts on every phone... and sharing apps beetwen accounts not allowed and not legal

I have been using wp for an year now, and I never got to use the room feature coz none of my friends have a wp. I really feel bad and hope the platform grows quickly...

Buy a less expensive one and give it to your best friend. Don't try to sell them on it and all its features. Just give it to them and wait. I bet in a week or two they'll come to you saying lots of positive things you already know.

+1 Impossible to give a young child my WP because they constantly hit the Windows/Back/Search buttons. I do the same :)

May be I should take my kid to the developers, they would add this when they here the constant whinge when he presses those buttons!

My daughter has a 928 and loves it. Her friends think its cool (but not all of them) and just this past weekend her 11 year old cousin was asking both of us about our phones.

Kids Zone was a pleasant surprise when I got my 1020. I did not know about the feature and it has proven invaluable for us on long trips when my son wants to use my phone. The younger your child, the more useful this feature will be.

I get calls all the time from my friend as his kid does as he pleases with the iPhone. Finally blocked him as it was getting out of hand.

Lol. That's bad. My friend has Lumia 520 and pocket dials me all the time. I guess I've kind of gotten used to it.

Should have written an article titled "Three reasons your child doesn't need and shouldn't have a cell phone."

Your opinion. I find it very useful for my kids to have a cell phone for communication. I start with a dumb phone in 6th grade and just moved my oldest (15) to a windows phone which I think will help him stay organized with school

Loads of my students have Lumia 520s they love it. Even one got the 630 and was showing off 8.1 as he saw my 1520. Now that it has BBM a lot of them will buy it as this was a deal breaker for them and I did say July to them. Parents like it because it is cheap and easy to use and kids like it because it is colourful.

When you start making money you can enjoy the goodness of higher end phones when your older :D but enjoy your 520 and make good use of it!

Yeah i work as paperboy. I am saving money for a higher end lumia. I like the 630. Is also not expensive (€140) i am from europe. I don't care about the app's. Lumia's are durable.i Phone's break when they fall hard.

I didn't have a phone until I was 16. Did pretty damn well. Kids don't need phones, they need love & attention as well as good parenting and one good computer.

No, they don't "need" one but in some ways it is very useful as a family for staying in touch and keeping communication. Oh, and by the way, my two oldest kids have cell phones and they manage to get love, attention and good parenting. We also happen to have a desktop PC and two Surface 2 tablets in our house, all shared, and we still manage to have a loving family.

And when I was sixteen computer did not exist therefore I did not have one. I was racing with go-karts instead.....

I didn't have a flip phone until I had started driving. And that was only to call me during "Band Camp Week" in our high school parking lot....

I got a smart phone once (I thought) I needed it for my cable tech job. All that the Trophy was a glorified Feature Phone, don't let anyone that has a WP7 device tell you otherwise. You thought we don't have apps. Try living without Skype.

It will backfire in a big way if said kids are Halo fans and don't live in the US when they see Cortana on their phone...

Mine had a L520 until past week when he upgraded (with his own money) to a L635. Ironically the L520 is own its way to Nokia depot to he repaired. The power button stopped functioning. I have it upto Cyan and 8.1. I don't know if I'll get my exact same phone back or not. The L635 is a really nice phone. I put a 32gb micro SD card in it for him.

I've bought Nokia Lumia 630 for my son and he loves it. The best thing for him is that he can access his Xbox Live account from it and email forgotten homework to his teacher while at school, accessing his files on OneDrive. And I am happy because I have all the Family Safety setting in place on his account and can control what he uses from my laptop. And his little brother gets to play in the Kids Corner. A winner all round for us :) 

As does mine and I really love it that she can't buy anything.

My poor wife found out the hard way about not bothering to assert up her wallet. Daughter made 90.00 in purchases in less than 20 minutes one night. Thankfully Microsoft refined the money and wife has since set her phone to correctly, lol.

My 4 yr old has a Tabeo E2 android tablet that I rooted to give her better access to learning games. 9\10 times she will actually choose playing with her mommys L521 over the tablet every day. Sadly, the tablet has just become a portable movie player and we are fixing to pass on our phones to her when we upgrade. I don't care what anyone says, even at 4 she likes WP more than android and doesn't have any trouble figuring out how to use WP.

As a parent, WP is actually a better option as it gives parents more control over the content their child can get hold of and this from someone who has 5 children and has had his fair share of trial and error trying to find the perfect option.

That whole BS excuse about WP not having games blah blah blah is just plain horse manure.

Kids will want what is cool. The iPhone is certainly cool and most youngster do have it so it would make the kid not seem as part of the group. I chose to get a WP when I was 14 because I was into technology and really like(d)  the look of the OS. I also doubt kids are willing to give up not being able to have the same apps/games as their freinds. This would effect their social life. If you're not worried about money get the kid what he/she wants but if the budget is tight tell the kid as it is and get him a WP, where you get the bang for the buck.

My eight-year old is rocking a red Lumia 920 and my 4-year old has a 520. They love them and their iFriends are actually jealous of how awesome they are (my 13-year old niece especially wants the 920).

Not entirely true about the iPhone. Carriers are offering the 4S for free on a contract. But if you're comparing off-contract pricing, then yes, the mid/low range Lumias will always be cheaper.

My kids dont get a choice, they don't pay the bills nor the phones. why should they have a choice in the phone they use. Any way... all my kids use WP, tablet, PC's, and as I told my in-laws and parents, you want my help fixing your phones and PC, buy Windows. I don't touch iOS or Android products... even though i know how to fix them.

Way to bully your family into Windows products. I've achieved similar results through different means with some members of my family as well.

When I bought my Lumia and should setup the Kids Corner, I made a mistake with the pin code. So now there are the same pin code on Kids Corner as on my start screen. How can I reverse this so there are no Pin Code on the Kids Corner??

Are you running 8.1? I remember the same happened with me after setting a password on the main screen. I guess its a bug or something to do with settings.

I have flashed my phone to 8.0 and when I set a password on my screen, it will not ask for kids corner. Its working fine with 8.0.

My kid always gets all A's, works his ass off at hockey trying (hopefully gets a scholarship), never complains, and is polite as all can be. If one of the few things he asks for is an iPhone instead of a Windows Phone, I'm going to get him it. Sorry we are such bad parents.

Actually I will too, but they don't ask for iPhones, so I thankfully don't need too. And they know they can. About the same age as yours. They rock Lumia 820's which are still in one piece and have replacable colourfull backcovers. And of course no one will be judging you.

Kids live around there front facing cameras and these 630 phones do not have a front facing camera. For that reason in addition to no key games in the store kids will not buy these phones.