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Lost your Windows Phone? Here's how to find it

Losing your phone can be really annoying. Fortunately, Windows Phone has a free service called Find My Phone that can help you recover your phone. It even goes a step further by giving you options to lock or erase your phone from any computer.

Head past the break to watch our how-to video.

Two settings you should turn on

When you first get your Windows Phone, there are two settings we recommend turning on. Go to settings, then Find my phone. Check both boxes.

The Find My Phone service and the Windows Phone Store on the web use text messaging to send commands and apps to your phone. Check the first box to use push notifications instead. Push notifications can be faster than text messages, and might also be cheaper if your carrier charges you for each incoming text message. Also, My Phone can only send 15 text messages to your phone in a three-day period while there's no limit with push notifications.

The second box saves your phone's location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find.

Find your phone’s location on a map

  1. On your computer, open a web browser and sign in to (opens in new tab)
  2. In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  3. Follow the instructions in the dialog box (you'll only need to do this once. After that, your phone will automatically show up on the map when you go to Find My Phone).

Make it ring

If you think your phone is nearby, you can make it ring. Follow these steps below. What’s great about this is that your Windows Phone will ring even if the volume is off or if it’s vibrate mode.

  1. On your computer, open a web browser and sign in to
  2. In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  3. Click Ring, then follow the instructions in the dialog box (you'll only need to do this the first time you ring your phone).

Lock phone and show message

If you can’t find your phone immediately, you can lock it from your computer and show a message. Here’s how:

  1. On your computer, open a web browser and sign in to
  2. In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  3. Click Lock, and then follow the instructions. If you don't already have a password set up on your phone, you'll need to enter one—you'll use it to unlock the phone if you get it back.
  4. We recommend providing a phone number or an email address in the message box, so someone who finds your phone can contact you.

Erase your phone

You can erase your phone remotely if you don’t think you’ll be able to get your phone back or if you have contents inside that you want to protect until you recover it.

  1. On your computer, open a web browser and sign in to
  2. In the My Phone menu, click Find My Phone.
  3. Click Erase.

Have you lost your precious Windows Phone device recently? Were you able to get it back? Let us know in the comments!

Not using a Windows Phone?

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • ThaNX
  • If you have the GPS setting turned off to save battery, will your phone still save its location periodically and/or before the battery runs out?
  • im guessing here, but maybe it will turn on gps for a while then turn it off again when it gathered the needed information
  • Location service for Find my Phone not available in India. :(
  • Yeah! This is so retarded. What is Microsoft India doing? The most lazy ass company
  • Please don't use the "R" word.  That's so gay. :)
  • Lets not with the ableist and homophobic grossness.
  • There is nothing "gay" about it. Regardless of the definition chosen.
  • but your name sounds more gay....
  • I would really hate to win one of these because then everyone would want one.
  • I too think so, I can't see the option either
  • And also unavailable in China -.- as expected
  • Dude it's available... I'm from india n i used it so many times... Make sure u r connected to internet before trying those option n also keep location services on. Sometimes in battery saver mode it will not detect the phone... Do above things and that site will detect ur phone.. I have done it so many times...
  • Yes I'm using it here in India, UP
    But I set the region to USA
  • Never ever ever works. Sometimes rings my phone next evening!!
  • Where are you located? Did you turn on the settings mentioned above?
  • Im in the UK, location on, settings on, phone registered. Never worked since 2010. 4 WPs since then, I have owned, on none.
  • Wonder if your carrier is messing something up by filtering the commands.  (I would content MS or your carrier and ask about this specificially.)   I use these features all the time (USA Verizon/ATT) - especially locating the phone on a map when I loan a phone to a friend family member and also to check on my family when traveling if they forgot to set a Glympse.  
  • Just give a call to that number from another mobile.. So simple..
  • Like my mom used to say, look under things. Or you can keep it in a belt holster like men do.
  • Like the article says, this method makes the phone ring even if it's on silent/vibrate. Not to mention that it rings much louder! Personally, it has saved me on a couple of occasions.
  • So true.. so much that my wallet was lost the other day and I was about about to call it.. the same way I find my cellphone most of the times. I wish my wallet and keys had the same technology. I spend hours looking for them at home. -- Technology is directly proportional to procrastination & inversely proportional to proactiveness,  and individual's intelligence.
  • Huh,that's interesting. It also recently didn't work for a friend of mine who left hers at a bar. But ALWAYS works for me (I misplace things), and also got my car returned when it was jacked a couple of years ago! (along with the dog that was in it.)
  • If someone turns off the phone then you're screwed
  • Exactly and all these works only if internet is present in your phone. If your data plan is expired then no use. I wish they add a feature which will send a SMS to a preregistered number whenever a new sim is inserted, so we have a chance to know the owner of the sim and track him down with the help of cops.
  • Battery saver usually causing that problem.. Turn off n try?
  • Never managed to get my location on the map.
  • more noob articles on way .........brace yourself men... this might be the way till BUILD when all of a suden all noobs graduate when daniel posts with a title "GET 8.1 NOW USING DEV PREVIEW( repeated articel for us) "  and then the noob graduates.:P
  • you don't think these articles are helpful to noobs?
  • actually these articles + videos are very helpful , even to non noobs
  • they are helpful and a good way to get clicks and keep those ad money rolling in .... but alll of a sudden these days noob articles are becoming too much is my opinion...
  • you saw the title , why did you click then ?
  • Don't read or comment on articles you find useless. There are millions of people out there with Windows Phone that probably have no clue this feature exists, let alone how to use it. This article is for them, not you.  It's also a little disrespectful to the person who does find this article useful to scroll down and see a comment from you calling them a noob. 
  • right then .......PEACE .....
  • EXACTLY. WPCentral is the ultimate place for everything WP. It isnt wrong to cover each and every aspect of WindowsPhone. You guys have always posted every noticable event in WP and when there isnt any, cover other useful and important parts of WP.
  • What happened to the comment likes here in the articles Daniel said last year was on the work... Some of the comments are so damn hilarious they deserve a like :)
  • dear sam, i seem to not have that option to save location data at times i only have that push notification check box option 620 on 8.1, also sure it was not there in black or amber  belgium built rm864eu-belgium264
  • You can already get WP8.1   1.Change your phone date to april 2 2.Restart phone to receive dev app update 3.Check for updates through settings 4.Wait till it stops looking for update 5.Get dissapointed
  • very mature ............
  • Be quiet, no need to be so ignorant. Clearly, not everybody has quite your level of intelligence and wont automatically know everything there is to know about their new phone. WPC is a catch-all, one stop shop for Windows Phone, it doesn't just cover news. I'm sure they're very sorry that every single article doesn't appeal directly to you and your oh-so-precious individuality. Don't like it? Don't click on it. Pretty damn simple.
  • Well said mate...
  • No need to cry babe, it's all okay ;)
  • If you don't like the articles targeted towards the average consumer, don't click on em. Simple. Only an idiot opens the article and complains. Keep up the great work, WPC team.
  • If you don't want noob articles, do one thing... Design your own phone and OS.:P:P These articles are very useful for common people who r not tech savvy like us. Just read or leave it.
  • *Sigh* Windows Phone Central caters to everyone - 'noobs' and advanced users alike. As others have stated, if you see an article explaining something you already know about: don't click on it. Whining in the comments does not solve anything.
  • Windows Phone can't gain in popularity without 'noobs' so how about welcoming them in. The exclusive club is coming to an end.
  • You say brace yourself men...sexist! Rather be a noob than an elitist, sexist snob. Your not as bright as you claim as you clicked on an article of no use to you!
  • the beating this guy is taking...
    Was wondering when one of these 'experts' would get some shit thrown at...
  • Consider how many non-noobs I have seen that had no ideas features like this were available, all the exposure sites like this can give on WP features the better. (Especially a core feature like this that is built into the OS of WP - that users coming from other phones might not realize inherently exists.)
  • Thanks God, i never lost my device.
  • Welcomes god
  • U r right.
  • Are you god? Or are you trying to impose that you speak better English than him? (bobbling my head as I write)
  • No, i am not ! I believe in one god. And i am not trying show my English !
  • reading your comment.. i believe you mann you are right in the latter part, of the former though i dont know...
  • Hmm.
  • Praises God!
  • Thanks my accurateness, I never did, too. I'd be bored if everyone praised me for losing or not his phone, if I were god :D just watch your things :)
  • Yes u r totally right :)
  • Will this work even if the sim is changed. Bcos when I lost my 720, I tried but nothing happened. BTW I stay in India.
  • It depend upon ms account in d phn... Also active internet + location
  • Its good info very good. But what happens is when a phone is got stolen a smart person will remove everything from the phone and will open and separate its parts and sell those stuffs later in the market only if the phone is stolen by such person. I faced such incident when i used blackberry b4 windows phone
  • ...and the media went crazy when Apple announced something similar for the iPhone. Yet WP did it before and better.
  • Most likely because Apple makes the feature work, where as Microsoft leaves it half baked? Examples? Skype vs Facetime. Messenger vs iMessage. TellMe vs Siri. WP app for desktop vs iTunes. Half baked Rooms, half baked Facebook chat integration, half baked Twitter integration. Its not always about being the first one. Its about being first at doing something that garners attention and positive feedback.
  • Good points!
  • Then hire somebody to torture the person that may have information about your phone. I recommend Bauer
  • Would this even work if someone removes the sim card from phone or changes the sim?
  • will not work.
    GPS and SIM are independent of each other. Already tried few months back in my L520 and it worked great.
  • As long as it still has a data connection and is still registered to your Microsoft account, I suppose, right?
  • How do you get a data connection without a sim? Your provider gives the data...
  • Oh and an another provider does not? Or WLAN? Think bevor writing :P
  • If my phone is lost, and the sim is removed. There is no data connection available via my subscription anymore. There is no open wifi so the Find my Phone function, for me, is now crippled because the phone cannot be contacted, by me. Someone else can now use the phone, obviously. Think before writing - what does that mean? If you´'re going to be rude, so can other people. Why don't you take the time to spell correctly? Are you 14 years old? Jeez, the people on here.  
  • Worked perfectly for me. And put the phone's location down the meter on the map, something my iPhone couldn't even do. And rings within seconds of me sending the ring notification.
  • Used this just yesterday when I lost my phone in bed and couldn't be bothered getting up to find it. Used my Surface to ring it et voilà, it was under my pillow.
  • Haha awesome.
  • also, see lazy
  • Works for me just think there can do more, like set it up to the phone imei # and windows account, because first thing a thief would do is remove the sim card which this service depends on.
  • I wish this feature wasn't restricted by region. I really see no reason why we all can't get the location saved.
  • Bad infrastructure or government?
  • That is very Microsoft. Same reason that Bing search sucks outside the US.
  • When people from different countries pay almost the same price, here's one service which dosent work equally for al users... 
  • See my comment above.
  • If by infrastructure you mean MS, I agree with you ;-)
  • lel when ur Icon was ringing I searched 4 my old Lumia xD
  • Location services not available in India.
  • I lost my mind, how do i find it Microsoft?!?
  • With Treasure Tag! :)
  • Lost my 920 a couple of weeks ago.. Last location saved was from 6 hours before I lost it.. So pretty much useless.. Locked the SIM so someone wouldn't use it in another phone, which ment cutting of the data, so location wouldn't be updated.. So it was pretty much useless.. Got a brand new 925 now anyways, much nicer phone :) just thought the good old 920 would've last me to the next gen WP 8.1 nokias :(
  • You did try to refresh right? Does that all the time to me, shows something it had saved earlier but hitting the refresh on top of the map it always shows the current location.
  • worked for me twice on my Lumia 925, love that I activated, sucks if it doesn't work for others
  • I was an early adopter of WP7 so these sort of articles aren't really geared towards me but I'm really loving them. These are great for new users or anyone who hasn't thoroughly explored the entire workings of their phone!
  • Thanks Alex. We want to cater to everyone with Windows Phone. 
  • Shouldn't these be catered for new users who may join us with WP8.1?
  • Does that also apply to all developers or is it selective? Its ok, I know the answer...
  • Teachers pet
  • It always work for me.
  • Losing your phone often?
  • Sorry but is someone getting a small lag while multitasking? When use fb, twitter and play games for 5-10 mins then while closing all the apps there's a small blank out and then it goes to main menu screen on my Lumia 720. Hope wp8.1 will be more smoother than current version
  • Same here in Lumia 520, I guess its due to ram (hardware limitation), it also happens due to insufficient phone memory (keep free at least 500mb) .... Hope WP 8.1 can help the software run more fluid...
  • Yaa first we want the os to be smooth then we fill the app gap
  • wtf is that apple computer doing there?? in the vid
  • Surprise. Not everyone with a Windows Phone uses a Surface Pro. That makes Mark a great asset to us. He can give insight to us and the community on life with Windows Phone + MacBook Pro. PS. MacBook Pro's are great devices. They may not be preferred by you and me, but they're computers and a preference for someone else out there :)
  • MacBook pro is lol
  • Ya lol
  • As long as it isn't a Chromebook.
  • I had to go back and watch the video again to confirm it was MAC through its desktop tray. You sure have good eyes and very observant.
  • Thanks, Mark!!
  • no option for India!! I think they deliberately block some services!! Cause there is no legal barrier here for giving location everything else takes your location!! but still this feature is not given for Indian handsets!! just to annoy!! some or the other feature is blocked in every country without any real reason!! even 4g is not there in Indian version of the handset!! reason is 4g has just started here!! but whats the problem in giving when we are paying the same price since soon pan india 4g gonna start then again we change cell!! atleast keep the price less for not giving 4g!! we pay same for lumia 1520 but we get a cell without 4g!! and now when 4g will start, I will have to get latest model again!! 4g is not even kept disabled here fuckin its just not there!! My 820 is also without 4G huh!!
  • Because that way Microsoft makes more money by having more annoyed customers? Do you always have this sort of logic?
  • Once when 4G is more broadly released in India, Nokia will push a firmware update to existing phones to enable 4G. Stop worrying...
  • Just make it easier for me to use another WP to find my missing WP. Like make an app!
  • You can access the website from another WP
  • That's lame. It would be a no brainer for Microsoft to make an app to find your phone (as Apple have made), or open the API to let developers make one. I am sure it is on the horizon actually. After all, it has take them 3 years to create basic Bing service apps, which is ultra slow (that they did not just outsource that from the begining, if they lacked the resources to do it, was obviously a bad decision). What I would actually like is for Apple to open their API so I could make a Window Phone app to find an Apple device - the rest of my family all used iPhones and would be good to keep track of the kids from my phone - now that will NOT happen!
  • Thanks for share Mark! Very useful article...
  • Thanks! Glad you found it useful =)
  • might i suggest an article+video about the fist steps and settings a new and inexperienced wp8 user should do to get familiar with their device . I converted three of my friends to wp8 and had to help them in every step :P
  • Wouldn't you say that is an obvious task for Microsoft to fulfill?
  • yes but Microsoft's wp8 tutorials are scattered all over their sites and are quite difficult to find
  • Saved me when my phone fell out in a cab once. Didn't even realize I turned it on but was able to find the cab drivers house and retrieve it.
  • ...sound like a Sherlock Holmes episode, lucky the cabby didn't kill you. :)  
  • It was an 'ansome cab, Sir!
  • What this article failed to mention is: does this need a data plan/connection to work?
  • I have used this since my Samsung focus... works pretty good. Need location services on and the find my phone turned on. Occasionally it say can't ring but my phone rings...
  • For some reason, it doesn't display the message I want it to display when I lock it. It shows the crying face, but not the message.
  • Maybe the phone doesn't want to be found.  Maybe the sad face is the phones emotions.  It wan'ts a new owner.  Just let it go man...just let it go.
  • Thanks for the reminders of how awesome this feature list is
  • Was in the dog park last Saturday and left my phone on a bench next to the dog leash, while playing catch with the dog. My phone was stolen while I was playing with the dog.  Was not able to get the phone back, but did use the wipe feature.  Also locked my account with AT&T temporarily until I could get a new phone and sim. So I lost my beloved cyan 920, and now I'm stuck with a 520.  I was going to upgrade the 920 when new phones with 8.1 become available.  That is still the plan.  But instead of handing over the 920 to my wife, she will get the 520 instead (which is still a nice jump for her as she is on my old 900). Really missing the wireless charging capability!  And had to come up with a bodge-job for my in-car 920 mount so I can use it with the 520.
  • It never works. My wife had her 920 stolen in China and despite having Wifi for two days, the find my phone service never registered her recent location, and we were not able to ring, erase or lock the phone. Last week, we lost a 710 and exactly the same problem. It's a shitty service that looks good on a demo but CANNOT be relied on. How can Microsoft know the whereabouts of my phone at all times yet not share that info with find my phone? I'm not making this up, the service sucks
  • And the lesson to be learned is to be more careful with your phone.
  • I use this all the time when I can't find my phone. I actually remember back when iPhone users had to pay to get this feature with MobileMe and WP7 users had it for free.
  • why not location services worked In India??
  • Well, this is all a huge publicity stunt. If I stole someone's Windows Phone, all that I will need to do is Hard Reset that phone using the hardware reset options: 1> Switch off the phone 2> Press and hold the volume down key and plug in the phone to a wall charger until an exclamation mark appears on the phone 3> Press the following keys in the exact sequence: Volume up, volume down, power button, volume down. Viola, the phone factory resets, then setup the phone using a different Microsoft Account, you have now successfully hijacked a stolen phone until such time the original user files a lost or stolen case with the police and they start tracing the phone with the IMEI number. As you can see, you can render the Find My Phone recovery steps by Microsoft absolutely useless by following the simple steps outlined above. If I carry the stolen phone outside the police jurisdiction, you own the phone... ;)
  • Thanks for the tutorial.  I just stole one and now I know what to do.  Thanks buddy!
  • I've actually requested for betterment of device security in these scenarios at the user voice website. Please vote for it, if you see fit...
  • iPhones already explode
  • Shit,Shit and shit really serious problem. I wanted to frighten my mother, so I locked her Lumia 952, parents are on a business trip in Sweeden, and I forgot the pin ( probably I made a mistake, I thought I entered 6543, but this doesnt work, I tried so many combinations and now I am completely confused - I locked it almost one hour ago. Mother is "terrorizing" me via father BlackBerry (she called me allready 6 times in last 40 min) and wants me to unlock her Lumia immediatelly.  Onyone can help how to recover pin ?  Maybe as a last resort I will call to Local  Microsft Office tomorrow
  • There is no way of recovering your lock code, your only resort is to factory reset the phone.
  • The only option taking backup on pc and phone to nokia care they will reset your phone
  • Why would you do that to your mom?  No xmas gifts for you this year!
  • Did you lock it from the "Find my phone" site?  I just tried it out on my phone and they sent a copy of the PIN to my Microsoft account.  Maybe the PIN is sitting in your mom's email right now.
  • You should receive an email with the PIN used to lock the phone at the email address on the "Account settings" page, it's probably your mom's email address used to sign in.
  • The security options are only available if you use the phone locked with a password, right? I've been setting this up and that's my conclusion.
    It's a shame though, I hate passwords. I'd rather have picture images like in Windows 8, I hope they implement that.
  • You don't need a password setup on your phone, just go to the website, login with your Microsoft account that you initially setup on your phone, and you can do any action. If you want to lock, you'll set a one time PIN, but that's it.
  • A metal detector works. Also, in the UK you can just ask GCHQ as they will be listening in anyway. It's a public service, doncherno.
  • I am in Costa Rica, and I have no idea why in my Lumia 1520 this feature almost never works (sometimes it does), and in my previous Lumia 900 it always worked. The same with the app installation from windowsphone com,  it never works in the 1520. Something is very wrong because the map always shows the phone where it is, but the rest of the features do not.
  • you should turn on location, if not then your phone won't appear in map
  • This is a great feature and all but it should be noted that this only works if Location is turned on. Find My Phone only works for me if I turn Location on.  I usually have it off to conserve battery. Maybe turning Location on should be mentioned first in this article for new WP users that might not know this.
  • It actually works even when location is turned off, but only by hitting "Refresh" link on the map on the website.
  • Just posted my Find My Phone story over on Reddit.  You might enjoy it... :)
  • Found my phone multiple times using this feature over the course of 5 WP units (well 4... Haven't Lost the 1520 yet). Always worked perfectly even one two occasions where the phone was lost deep in the woods while dirt biking with only one bar of intermittent signal (att coverage is pretty decent in eastern KY... Even kind of works in the woods). On both occasions I was even using my wife's windows phone as a browser... This feature is truly awesome especially since I lost an almost brand new iPhone 4 off the back of an ATV (back when locating your phone was a premium subscription service, which I did not have, on iPhone)... Never found the iPhone but thanks to this service my windows phones have always been recovered just fine.
  • Lucky guy...
  • It will be super cool if cortana gives a nice talking to, when the thief tries to unlock the phone.
  • Just one box to click in find my fone app.... Is this only in India or others are facing the same thing...
  • I can say safely that if your phone is stolen, the first thing a thief will so is remove the sim. Once that's out, phone cant be traced. They need to do via iemi number :)
  • This feature works without a SIM as long as the phone connects to the internet (WiFi).
  • This doesn't work if the phone is off.  Someone stole my Lumia 920 probably turned it off straight away.  Never found it.  Same thing happened with my daughters Galaxy S3 50 yards from home.  Straight away I tried to find/Lock it, nothing happened.  Once turned off your up that creak without a paddle.
  • That Mark Guim - So glad you are giving these tutorials.  Very useful and informative, as well as easy to follow.   Like!
  • Thanks for the great article.
    but after black update i am not able to see that 2nd option save location periodically and find my phone doesn't work in India anyway to make it work???
  • Find My Phone requires that your account must be set up on the phone. But what if somebody formats your phone before you could use that service.
  • You can activate reset protection for your phone in the settings. 
  • I always like reading how-to articles here on mobile nations , Thanks for such quality articles team :)
  • but there is nothing in the find my phone settings in my L620. only USE FIND MY PHONE- on or off , nothing else. i live in India...  
  • Hi, I had lost my First Windows Phone which was a Nokia Lumia 520, My First Love with Windows Devices. The Phone was just 3 months old and was lost just the day after I extended its warranty by 1 year (I was crying like a baby)  When the cell was lost I tried every damn option which was available on the windowsphone site (find my phone). but everything was in vain, because the person who stole the phone must have removed the battery or sim-card instantly. so the first thing I did was to change all the passwords of mail Email and social media accounts and revoke the access from my cell phone and then block my sim card. I don't think the Find My Phone functionality is practical enough because it will not work when the sim-card is removed from the cell, nor will it send a notification when a new Sim-Card is inserted in the same cell phone. I am still a big fan of windows phone and have purchased a Lumia 720, but I feel The Find My Phone application in windowsphone is not good in practical conditions.    
  • The problem with this method is once the SIM card is removed, you cannot locate the phone any more. Since it uses your PH instead of the IEMI to locate your phone... best you can do is lock it once you see it on the map in real time.
  • bro i lost my phone but my sim is still in it can i find my cell phone ?
  • Surely Cortana (or Dave) will be all over this problem, and just track you down herself if the phone gets lost. You'll hear the door bell, open the door and there will be the phone lying on the door mat waiting for you, with Cortana (Dave) on the front saying 'Is there anything else I can do for you sir/madam?'
  • Lost my lumia 920 when i was traveling in Thailand last year. I was sure that someone stole it and i found computer so i could erase my data from the phone. Just quick look if find my phone have any idea where phone could be and it did find it. Inside my hotel room so i look around again and finally found it bottom of my packback. It works, but i hope i don't get that "Lost My Phone" feeling ever again.
  • <p>how &nbsp;you find it bro my sim is in it ..???</p>
  • What if my phone is offline ???
  • Taking note of you IMEI is wise. This will allow your company to lock a stolen telephone.
  • Second option is not available in my Lumia 720... I'm from India...
  • Well we don't have two boxes there. Rather we have one, in India.
  • It always works for me... With or without sim. All my WP phone including my old WP7 i can locate it. Sometime it can't detect because of either phone is switch off or gps still try to locate it. But once gps located, i will receive notification from email. This is one of my favorite feature in WP. Just remember to turn on location service all setting to locate where the phone is and also set password for phone lock n set time to lock if phone in standby mode. This will prevent thief from off your location service. I have LG optimus 7, Lumia 920 n latest is Lumia 1520. All can trace without any problem. N i live in Malaysia. >_< #PRAY4MH370
  • Won't do yea any good if they pull the sim and do a factory reset before you know it's gone.Good for finding it in your car,house,family or friends place.
  • So-- My Lost phone was returned to me but the Black LOST screen with the crying man is still on the phone and i cannot get back to my original screen where i can enter my PIN.  Can anyone confirm that the screen is still "swipeable" if it is on the Find My Phone> LOST setting? i cannot swipe my screen at all. The conclusion is that the phone must have been dropped - unless someone else has had the same problem i have had. anyone want to test it for me? ;)
  • I can't find my phone because for some reason it doest work. All settings are correct. Location is the Netherlands Can someone help.
  • There are so very many people who have had major problems with FIND MY PHONE feature.  It was never put together correctly since it works for some and not for others.  My phone was stolen two days ago and this option was used within half an hour of theft.  The phone rang thru for over 2 hrs so the SIMS must not've been removed yet and after multiple attempts it just kept showing me the location from 6 hours prior to the theft at my office.  The Lock kept saying it couldn't locate it to lock and try again later. Major FAIL.
  • Just lost my Lumia 520 
  • I love my windows phone, but I guess I'll buy android now, cause still many missing apps but I'll still watching windows phone development cause whatever it is, I love it! and on perfect time I'll be buy and using it again KEEP GOING WP!!!
  • My phone battery died in the morning and I lost it in the afternoon. Not sure if someone took it from my open garage or I mindlessly misplaced it afterwards. Does that mean none of this will work? It shows my last location from 4 days ago which doesn't help at all and it won't lock or any other options. Can I stil find it !?
  • <p>i lost my lumia 720 my sim is still active in it can i find my cell phone ???<br />
    i&#39;ve account on Microsoft but its showing my last location of 12/05/2014 at 7:42 Am and i lost it 12/052014 at about 6:30 PM ....<br />
    so plz guide me how can i find my cell phone ..????</p>
  • I have lost my Lumia 520. How can i lock or find my phone.
  • i have lost my windows phone lumia 720. i have track my location but its not showing the correct location. i even tried to lock, ring and erase my phone but all this thing are not hapening as the person who is having my phone may have switched off my phone. my  phone imei number is 357297055137229... plzzz help me in finding my lost phone.
  • useless feature for real theft. good only if you lost your phone under the bed. block without sim, no location without internet. they have our locations 24/24 only by us having the device, regardless of location settings or anything but hey...dont use this information to help our customers, just to spy them
  • My lost lumia phone not found through "find my phone" since 5 months. Some one resetted my phone and using that phone i think, but i can't found my phone. when "find my phone " develops
  • Does it still need wifi to be effective? My phone was stolen and I'm not sure if he's gonna use the wifi at some point I'll be till clicking the refresh button and locate its location. Can I still locate my phone even if its not having any wifi connection? Need some help here T_T
  • I recently lost my Lumia 822, and I know exactly where I last had it. I am 95% sure that I turned it off before I put it down. Is there any way to have it ring or see its location when it is turned off? Is there any way to turn it on remotely (When I last had it, it still had about 50% charge). If not, then there really should be... Microsoft, this isn't helpful!
  • Works great if works instead of getting "WE CAN'T REACH YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW" which is typical of Microsoft services and products.   
  • Sorry With my bad english.
    My Windows Phone has missing when I going to my training center. but I can't find it using "Find My Phone" with my laptop. Because my WP didn't connected to the internet that time. is my phone must connect to the internet to find it?? I ever using "LOCK" features a few month ago. but I can't find it now. Or? Are you know how can I find it using my IMEI number???? help me. there's so much Secret, Important files in there!!!
  • Plz Windows Central , Make the Find my Phone apps works in offline, So that it vl be very usefull for all windows users. Need mre updation.
  • Used to work wonders, now I am holding my phone in my hand and allit says is unable to locate, small things like this make me wanna drop Windows Phones and go back to Lag-droid
  • Lagondroid device manager is even more worse.. It won't show even the phone mac address and IMEI number
  • 2 years ago Sent from Windows Central App for Hololens
  • my friend lost Lumia 920 (stollen)... 15 minutes after that he tried find my phone but latest position is approximity 10 m where phone is stollen. thief removed SIM card and make hard rest...
  • This usually works pretty well, but the service can be a bit quirky at time. Despite having "Save my location periodically" turned on, I find that the service doesn't log my location nearly often enough. Sometimes I check out the service just out of curiosity, and find it hasn't updated in 7 hours and has me somewhere else completely different. With as often as my phone is checking my location for geofences and motion tracking, I find it somewhat ridiculous it logs this so infrequently. Yes: I understand that more location uploads uses more data, but I think it's worth it. Especially with Cortana constantly checking with the cloud for updates, likewise with my email being set to push notifications. This service also (Too my knowledge and very limited testing) will not store the phone's location before it turns off from a normal shut down (Hold power button, slide down). Even with the save your location before the battery dies feature turned on, it doesn't do this (Again, to my knowledge). I hope I'm wrong about this, maybe things changed with W10M, but I find this disappointing that the device can turn off without attempting to log it's location, leaving you screwed if someone turns it off. I also hate how your forced to chose either/or for push notifications vs. SMS notifications. I prefer push, but if the service cannot successfully get a push notification through, I feel like it should give you the option to attempt a SMS notification. Overall, I hate how limited the Find My Phone options are, and I would like to see more configurable on-device setting. How about a Lost Mode feature like iOS has? I'd like such a mode to be able to be remotely activated and requires entering a special passcode generated by the Find My Phone service to deactivate this mode. Then an alternative option would require the Microsoft Account password or a PIN number that's separate from the the one normally used to get past the lock screen. This theoretical Lost Mode would prohibit all data transfer via USB, and hide all incoming notifications and disable the Action Center. Maybe even an auto-wipe option if the device cannot be recovered by a certain time? This command would be stored on-device, so you can be assured the device will wipe itself if the special code to deactivate Lost Mode isn't entered, even if it's offline. Overall: Find My Phone is nice, and gives a little peace of mind, but I want it to do more, and I'd like it to be more reliable. I like to test it out occasionally to make sure all my settings work, and I'm alarmed by how it occasionally fails to locate the device and/or ring it even when it's on my home Wi-Fi network (It fails about 2-5% of the time I'd say. Low, but still terrifyingly high for a service that you need to be ultra-reliable). If anyone from Microsoft is reading this: How practical would it be to implement these features? Could they be extended to desktop as well (Which currently has a similar basic Find My Device service)? I like the service, it's good in a pinch, but I also feel like it's the bare minimum. More would be fantastic. (Hmm, I should probably copy/paste this into the Windows Feedback app...)
  • For this thing to work.. It needs internet connection on phone too.. People will think its done by carrier.. No its not... This is also available on iphone n android all of them need internet connection.. Tried them all..
  • my Lumia 1520 was stolen twice - and back then this nice feature already was awaliable - and in cooperation with the police i got it back both times within less than one hour ;) (even it was not fun to the people who had an eye on my phone....)
  • the main reason why i chose windows over asdroid and cryphone is because i believed that the lock feature overrides the hard boot since the firmware and hardware details are forwarded to microsoft databases and then once a log in attempt is made then the phone locks again. or even refuses to hard reset. ​this is why im waiting for linux mobile to be stabilized then i venture into being proud of being human. till then fccck it. im getting a 3310 and living life like my grandad. cheap feel to the os
    long intervals between upgrades,
    no apps
    false hopes,
    unseen bloatware
    onedrive downgrade I have hopes in windows next year but my patience is burning up.
  • Ramztar0111 Hi,i just want to ask about my windows phone lumia 540 lost last night,and how can i retrieve my phone.when i login to my account it says your account has been temporarily suspendend,is there another way that can i login?please i need some help,so that i can erase the data of my phone.
  • poor customer service and non functional features.basically for the best of features from your devices i believe that one has to be willing to part ways with half their salary and invest heavily. am i mistaken? kindly advise
  • Wasn't able to locate the phone. I think its because the battery is dead BT what about the mei number can't that be of any assistance in case the phone is wiped so I can still locate it
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