Accent color changes in Mango. No your eyes aren't playing tricks.

Anyone noticed in Mango some slight tweaks to the Accent colors? Specifically the Lime and Magenta colors seem to have become less deep/contrasty? Well, according to @MS_Nerd, indeed those two colors have undergone a slight modification as you can see above.

MS_Nerd also notes that "Fujitsu uses original lime as custom color.", referring to the IS12T. Going further, HTC now has an "HTC" Accent color on the Radar and Titan that is also more closely matches the old lime, which we like.

While on newer screens, the A2C139-Green isn't too bad, it looks completely washed out on some of HTCs older offerings e.g. the Arrive and HD7. In that sense, we understand why HTC is opting for their own green now, giving users no less than three shades.

Source: @MS_Nerd


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Accent color changes in Mango. No your eyes aren't playing tricks.


Are there any future plans to offer more accent colors or to have a custom color option? I hope so, because the colors offered are one of the only complaints I have about WP7. I would really like some less flashy, muted colors.

The new Lime BLOWS CHUNKS!I contacted the WPDesignTeam and no one bothered to answer why the colour had changed from NoDo to Mango.Transparency is the issues (pun intended!)

I also miss the old lime and magenta. I used them occasionally. New versions don't have the same flair.

I think new lime is included for better compatibility with S-AMOLED screens - because most old accent colours are way too bright for them (and they still are to be honest).

the mango theme color changed as well, my dad and I could both tell on our trophy's after the update...more vibrant than before and better in our opinion

and i agree on the wish for a custom color palette in a future update, that goes for the bg color as well

I used to use the old lime becaue it matched nicely with the Xbox Live colour. The new one isn't as nice, and I have switched to blue.

colour blind cannot tell the difference.But i did notice this. I used the old mgenta cuz it looked like hot pink.

Out of the 500 new features in the new mango upgrade, they didnt take the time to add a few more colors in the accents, or themes. Makes my device feel kinda boring with such limited appearance customization. I dont really care about how magenta and lime changed slightly, or how they changed the name orange to mango. I want new colors, new themes.