Advert shows why the Nokia Lumia 925 is perfect for low light photography

Since the Lumia 920 was released, Nokia has been working hard on perfecting low light performance of the cameras in its family of Windows Phones. The Lumia 925 is a unique Windows Phone with an attractive design and improved optics. The above advert shows why the smartphone is great for taking shots at night.

If you've not yet checked out the Lumia 925, be sure to read through our in-depth review. We've also published numerous sample shots using the camera to show you exactly what results can be achieved with little light. As for the advertisement itself, you're looking at an interesting use of light on some scooters, with a dark environment. A perfect setting.

Should you wish to read even further into the product, we've also taken a good look at how the Lumia 925 compares to the Lumia 1020 and Apple's iPhone 5s.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Zeaneal, for the tip!


Reader comments

Advert shows why the Nokia Lumia 925 is perfect for low light photography


I honestly think Microsoft is not advertising right they need to pull away from just the camera! They should talk about the super sensitive display, about how if you scratch the phone it wont show very well because the color goes through, the power of live tiles etc!

Yeah the phone can do a lot more but incredible low light photography is what sets it apart.

Most people buy Lumias because of their amazing photography. Well, at least that's what I think.

I think the recent blitz of Apple commercials (more people take pictures with iPhones everyday) and LG G2 commercials (showing their OIS) would disagree with you.

Didn't they do this survey that showed the most used feature of a phone is a good camera, not a good screen or icons or tiles?

Average consumer doesn't care about super sensitive display nor does that consumer have any idea what it means.

Just look at samsung ads, every useless feature is advertised as something very useful. I have not yet see above video(currently at work) but if I'm disspointed with lumia 925 ad shown in India where they  say amazing low light pictures taken with lumia 925  thats the only message they pass it on, I dont think most ppl buy a phone for its camera only, they want it to feature rich irrespective of whether or not they use it, and see a good camera as an added advantage. thts the selling point of GS3 GS4 NOTE series isnt it? and sales prove it as customers preference.

Now that the others are bragging about their cameras it's best for Microkia to keep doing so as well... We're dealing with sheep here, and the camera has taken over how many cores a processor has as the main selling point for the average consumer... These ads are dead on for the time being, and Microkia is doing a great job.

No. This ad uses some used, and unused, scenes from that ad.. This is done in advertising all the time..

Ever since the prices have dropped, I have been eyeing this. I will wait a couple of months more though. :)

They should do an add campaign highlighting error code c00d36c4 maybe then someone will deal with this issue

I have been thinking about whether to buy a 925 or 1020. 1020has an awesome camera, 925 great camera that should be enough for all my mobile photography needs. The biggest issue is the 16gb and no SD support. Space is important for me and most people I know. If you are not going to put in SD support, at least offer variants with 32gb or 64gb etc.
I guess I will either stick with my 820 or pick up the 1020 64gb through o2

The L925's problem is not a lack of ad but a lack of RAM.  If it has 32GB RAM and internal wireless charging, it would have been the hottest L9xx phone.