AT&T Spanish ad for Lumia 900 features singer Ricardo Arjona

Looks like AT&T is not forgetting their important demographic of Spanish speakers as they're running a new ad for the Lumia 900 featuring Ricardo Arjona. For those of you not familiar, he's a very popular and famous "Guatemalan Grammy Award- and Latin Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter" (thank you, Wikipedia!).

In other words, they landed a fairly be celeb for this ad which seems to show of the strengths of the Lumia 900 fairly well. More importantly, this commerical is targeted for Mother's Day, which is an opportune time to buy mom a $99 Cyan Lumia 900, especially if has Ricardo Arjona serenading her. (We'll stick with flowers, thanks)

Okay, perhaps it's a tad cheesy but to be honest, it's no different than any other smartphone commercial out there and the ladies deserve to have a nice phone too.

So go buy one for mom, she'll finally forgive you for not calling her more often.

Thanks, Jonathan, for the tip


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AT&T Spanish ad for Lumia 900 features singer Ricardo Arjona


Jaja, siempre me río cuando veo anuncios para el mercado americano como este en en español...^_^
Seriously, if AT&T is taking the time to advertise for this phone in Spanish, there is no doubt in my mind that they're serious about promoting this phone in the USA!  Fly Nokia, don't stop; seriously, it's about time a carrier took you and Windows Phone seriously in this country.

Ja... Me reía tambien... This is a good idea; I'm in California, where Spanish is the majority language in some places, and so advertising the 900 here in Spanish is a very smart move on AT&T and Nokia's part. In my area they should probably start advertising it in Mandarin, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese as well. 

Muy bien AT&T, muy bien! They should've have Vicente Fernandez in that commercial tho :). Anyhoo... I will be picking up two Lumias (900) for my parents. Their first smartphones. I will wait for the White Lumia 900.

Sabía que AT&T y Nokia iban al mercado Latino cuando en CES anunciaron la aplicación de Univision. Creo que esto es sólo el comienzo...

Soy de Guatemala y se me hace muy gracioso ver a Ricardo Arjona en el comercial. Por cierto la canción dice mi novia se esta poniendo vieja, se refiere a un iphone ??? :D. Actualmete tengo un htc hd7 y mi próximo será el Lumia 900

I'm from Guatemala and its funny to see Arjona in the ad. The song says my girlfriend is getting older, lol. Probably an iphone?

my next phone would be the Lumia 900.

Sorry for my terrible english.

No se preocupe; su inglés es realmente muy bueno... Quizás es una indirecta muy ingeniosa por Nokia contra el iPhone; si eso sea el caso, es de hecho muy gracioso. Buena captura... 
Don't worry; your English is actually really good... Maybe it's a clever little dig by Nokia against the iPhone; if this is the case, then that is indeed pretty funny. Good catch... 

Everytime I see a post by Daniel which involves music of any kind I cringe, because his kind of music is so oldschool :P

Apparently, nice features as well as the music. Unfortunately, I'm not yet convince well about the whole feature of the phone.

Nice ad. Wished I could get the 800 for my mom (since the 900 isn't out in Malaysia yet), but unfortunately, she already have plans to get an iPhone 4S. :(

Ricardo arjona c'mon who is that! He's dumb,sucks,slut,etc!!!!!!

Sorry doing my best impression of the Niki minaj threads ;).

Whoever this guy is if he's popular, rock on. Any press is good press! Go Nokia!

Me emociona ver AT&T darle mas atención a Windows Phone y Nokia, especialmente a los latinos. Cual Hispano no se acuerda de su primer Nokia celular? Soy de Guatemala y yo apruebo de este comercial.

Okay, here are two thoughts.
First, it laughed at how fast the navigation in Windows Phone is within the ad. I wished Microsoft speed up the animations a bit!
Second, IDK but the way AT&T is calling the phone in the ad "the new Nokia 900 4G LTE" sounds as if it were the official name. It's as awful as it was "Windows Phone 7 Series". LOL