AT&T Venue Pro joins the Focus 1.4 in testing phase

Not the best news in the world for AT&T Dell Venue Pro owners but it's a start. Microsoft has updated its "Where's my Phone Update?" page and it indicates the Mango update for the Dell Venue Pro has joined the Focus 1.4 by entering the testing phase.

There is no telling how long it will take for testing to be completed. It is solely dependent on AT&T but we can only hope the testing moves to scheduling sooner than later. Once in the scheduling phase, the update should be pushed out within ten days.

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AT&T Venue Pro joins the Focus 1.4 in testing phase


I've got one.Seriously though, it's not going to be sold in the AT&T stores. It's too late for that. It's a year old and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets EOL soon.

As much as I want windows phone to grow and become successful, I enjoy having a unique and rare phone :)I wanted the DVP for that reason, yet I've never seen another arrive.

Did you buy yours through a carrier? I got mine directly from Dell, and have already been served the mango update (week ago, actually). I'm not even in the U.S. (I'm in Canada).

I got mine from Dell also but I'm with TMobile and I got Mango shortly after it was launched. Gotta say ATT sucks at updates.

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Ummm..... I got the notification to upgrade to Mango on my Dell Venue Pro a couple of weeks ago, and have been rocking it ever since. I bought mine directly from Dell on eBay, through an intermediary since I'm in Canada. This was no hack, I just hooked it up to Zune and it sucked down the Mango update for me all nice, neat, and official.

Tired of waiting for Mango, I dumped my Focus Rev1.4 today and bought a Galaxy S II. Roted already and running customized ROM. Good luck for others waiting for Mango from MS. I'm off the train, good or bad.

looks like someone dont want people who use microsoft windows phone to be happy with their os and they don't want the os to be successful os

well the rev 1.3 and rev1.4 disparity issues were caused by Samsung understimating demand and so when they were running out of the sic chips they ahd to switch to a different chip which caused the variation which is the root opf that issue and left the rev 1.4 focus in the land of malasses as far as updates is concerned.